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The FALL 2018 catalog will be posted on the during the first week of August.

***** Spring 2018 Term *****  

The Spring Term  2018 begins March 5


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Courses are held in Fairhope except as noted.

( L) : limited class size 

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Acrylics for Beginners

Thurs., 12:30-3:30pm, 6 weeks, Mar. 8-Apr. 12, tuition $81, materials fee $10, Loran Chavez, 623-3925. (L) 

August Sunset:  A Guided, Structured Art Course

Tues., 9:30-noon, 4 weeks, Apr. 3-24, tuition $45, materials fee $5, supplies list about $50, Dee Donaldson, 752-0475. (L)

Digital Photography

Daphne    Mon., 9:15am-12:15pm, 6 weeks, Mar. 5-12, and Mar. 25-Apr. 16, tuition $81, Gene Sellier, 597-7543. 

Fifty Shades of Graphite:Basic Drawing for Graphite Pencil Work

Sat., 10-noon, 4 weeks, Mar. 10-31, tuition $36, materials fee $5, Anne Brooks, 232-1013.

Introduction to Art Quilting 

Daphne   Wed., 9:30am-12:30pm, 4 weeks, Apr. 4-25, tuition $54, materials fee $10, supply list, Susan Mogan, 458-0246. (L)  

Portrait of a Black and White Rooster: A Guided, Structured Art Course

Tues., 9:30-noon, 4 weeks, Mar. 6-27, tuition $45, materials fee $5, supplies list about $40, Dee Donaldson, 752-0475. (L)

Sketchbook on the Road 

Mon., 9:30-noon, 4 weeks, Mar. 5-26, tuition $45, supply list.  Register with Jane Sellier preferably via e-mail at, or call 990-5930.

Watercolor for Beginners

Thurs., 9-noon, 6 weeks, Mar. 8-Apr. 12, tuition $81, materials fee $50, Loran Chavez, 623-3925. (L)



Essential Poetry of William Wordsworth  and the Spirit of Romanticism

Mon. and Fri., 2-4pm, 2 weeks, Mar. 5, 9,12 and 16, tuition $36, materials fee $2, text required, Mary McBride, 928-1048. (L)

Finding Light in the Dark:  The Human Condition

Wed., 1:30-3pm, 4 weeks, Mar. 7-28, tuition $27, Margaret Davis, 604-7421.

French Pronunciation for Travelers and Lovers of Literature

Magnolia Springs     Tues. and Thurs., 5-7:30pm, 3 weeks, Mar. 27-Apr. 12, tuition $68, materials fee $72, Frank Martin, 304-767-0736. (L)

Introduction to Chinese Language and Writing

Thurs., Mar. 8, 1:30-4pm, tuition $12.  The instructor is Michael Renalds.  To register, call Brenda Huchingson at 650-2499.

Moby Dick Without Reading the Book!

Thurs., 10-noon, 2 weeks, Mar. 8-15, tuition $16, materials $2, text optional, Art Holder, 990-0971.

Robert Mitchum Retrospective:  Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison; Cape Fear; and Farewell, My Lovely

Thurs., 1:30-4pm, 3 weeks, Mar. 22-Apr. 5, tuition $34, Brenda Huchingson, 650-2499.  

Spanish for Beginners and Re-Learners

Mon. and Wed., 9:30-11am, 6 weeks, Apr.2-May 9, tuition $81, materials fee $5, Maria Whatley,205-563-2479.



French Cultural History from Lascaux to Lady Liberty

Thurs., 2-3:30pm, 2 weeks, Apr. 26-May 3, tuition $14, Eleonore Verfaillie and Dr. Jazz (Jeanine) Normand, 928-2284.

From Old Southwest to Old South: Alabama’s Territorial and Early Statehood Years

Daphne     Tues., 10-noon, 3 weeks, Apr. 10-24, tuition $27, Mike Bunn, 626-0798.  

Introduction to China-Taiwan Relations

Wed., Mar. 7, 10-noon, tuition $9.  The instructor is Michael Renalds.  To register, call Brenda Huchingson, 650-2499. 

The Journey of Colored Cotton

  Daphne     Thurs., May 17, 1-3pm, tuition $9, Barb Comstock, 272-0624. 

Radicalism and Terrorism in the World 

Fri., Mar. 23, 11am-1pm, tuition $9.  The instructor is Lal Goel.  To register, call Laurie Wiggins at 990-5555.

Sailing Under the Black Flag: The Romance and the Reality of Pirates 

Wed. and Thurs., Mar. 14-15, 10-noon, tuition $18, Tony Rhodes, 601-467-4490.



Blues, Blues & Mo’ Blues

Tues., 10-noon, 4 weeks, Mar. 6-27, tuition $36, Gene Sellier, 597-7543.

Mahler’s Masterpiece:    The Resurrection Symphony

Mon., 10-noon, 6 weeks, Mar. 5-26 and Apr. 9-16, tuition $54, Vincentine Williams, 626-2712.

Ukulele for Beginners

Mon. and Thurs., 4:45-5:45pm, 3 weeks, May 7-24, tuition $27, materials fee $5, Carl Couret, 518-6376.



Astronomy A to Z

Fri., 2-4pm, 4 weeks, Apr. 6-27, tuition $36, Charles Scovil, 298-3083.

Bogs and Branches:  Selected Habitats of South Baldwin County at Weeks Bay Reserve

Fri., 9:15-11:15am, 3 weeks, May 4-18, tuition $27.  The instructor is Fred Nation.  To register, call Mike Shelton, 490-8968. (L)

Chicken Little Was Right:  The Sky Is Falling! All About Meteors

Fri., May 18, 2-4pm, tuition $9, Charles Scovil, 298-3083.

Classics of Jewish Literature Series:  Josephus 

Thurs., Mar. 29, 10-noon, tuition $9. The instructor is Rabbi Dana Kaplan.  To register, call Susie Broos at 478-0415.

Genetically Engineered Crops: The Science and the Controversy

Thurs., April 5, 1:30-3:30pm, tuition $9.  Register with Mike Healy preferably via e-mail at, or call 504-1173.

Introduction to Astronomy

Fri., June 1, 2-4pm, tuition $9, Charles Scovil, 298-3083

Our Moon

Fri., May 11, 2-4pm, tuition $9, Charles Scovil, 298-3083

Primary Sources of Kabbalah

Thurs., April 12, 10-noon, tuition $9. The instructor is Rabbi Dana Kaplan.  To register, call Susie Broos at 478-0415.

The Star of Bethlehem

Fri., May 25, 2-4pm, tuition $9, Charles Scovil, 298-3083

The Tao Te Ching

Fri., 9:30-11:30am, 4 weeks, Apr. 6-27, tuition $36, text required, Rhett Ellis, 656-6984.

Walking the Jewish Bible Series: The Book of Esther; and Jewish Views of the Afterlife

Daphne     6-8pm. 5 classes, Mon., Mar. 5-12, and Wed., June 6-20.  Tuition $45.  The instructor is Rabbi Steven Silberman.  To register, call Dot Bremer at 604-9342.



Beating the Bushes to Find the Nuts in Your Family Tree

Foley     Wed., 10-noon, 6 weeks, April 18-May 23, tuition $54, small materials fee, Donna Lewis, 205-283-2743.

Create Your Own Greeting Cards

Daphne     Sat., May 5, 1-4:30pm, tuition $16, materials fee $15.  Separate checks for tuition and materials must be received by April 21.  Emma Rose Fry, 340-2847. (L)

Growing and Propagating African Violets

Sat., 10-noon, 2 weeks, Apr. 22-29, tuition $18, Jere Trigg, 776-2495.

Historic Sidewalk Tour of Battles Wharf Bayfront Homes, and Much More! 

Fri., May 4, 10-noon, tuition $9, Jan Weiler/Landmark Tours, 928-0207.

Make Your Own Spring Décor Piece

Daphne     Sat., Mar. 24, 1-4:30pm, tuition $16, materials fee $15.  Separate checks for tuition and materials must be received by Mar. 10.  Emma Rose Fry, 340-2847. (L)            

Sailing Fundamentals

Thurs., 6-7pm, 3 weeks, Mar. 15-29, tuition $14.  The course includes a three-hour hands-on sail to be scheduled later for a $56 fee.  John Helmstadter, 956-495-5147.  (L)



American Sign Language for Professionals - Beginners

Mon., 5:45-7:45pm, 15 weeks, Mar. 5-May 21 and June 4-18, tuition $135, text required, Cheray Bixler, 321-3243.

American Sign Language for Professionals - Intermediate  

Daphne     Wed., 5:45-7:45pm, 22 weeks, Mar. 7-Aug. 1, tuition $198, text required, Cheray Bixler, 321-3243.

Digital Devices and Social Media 101

Fri., 9:30-11:30am, 6 weeks, Apr. 6-May 11, tuition $54, small materials fee, Amanda Blackwood, 270-8068.

Effective Presentation Techniques 

Wed., 10-11:15am, 4 weeks, Mar. 7-28, tuition $23, mat’ls $3, Susie Weiss, 740-632-5159.  

The Remarkable Ordinary, by Frederick Buechner:  Listening to Our Lives

Daphne     Tues., 5:30-7pm, 4 weeks, Apr. 3-24, tuition $27, text recommended, Jerry and Cynthia Blacklaw, 850-910-0990.

The Unrecognized Dangers of Retirement: It’s Not Only Running Out of Money!

Mon., Apr. 9, 6-7:45pm, tuition $8, John Brown, 990-8308.



Chair Yoga – Sitting or Standing

Wed., 10:30-11:30am, 4 weeks, Mar. 7-28, tuition $18, Billie Reinhart, 929-4020.

Self-Care Practices for Health and Wellbeing

TFri., 9-noon, 4 weeks, Mar. 9-30, tuition $54, Bob Maldonado, 210-6872.

Therapeutic Essential Oils and Non-Toxic Living

Tues., 7-8:30pm, 3 weeks, Mar. 6-20, tuition $21, materials fee $6, Susie Weiss, 740-632-5159.

Yoga for Fitness and Stress Management

Mon, 9:10-10:30am, 6 weeks, tuition $36, Christina Caprez, 928-9565.    Yoga I   Mar. 5-April 9          Yoga II   Apr. 16-May 21

Zumba Gold® I

Thurs., 10-11am, 6 weeks, Mar. 8 and Mar. 22- Apr. 12, tuition $27, Rebecca LaNasa, 386-864-0062. 

Zumba Gold® II

Thurs., 10-11am, 6 weeks, Apr. 26-May 31, tuition $27, Rebecca LaNasa, 386-864-0062. 


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ACRYLICS FOR BIGINNERS    Students will be working with a limited palette, focusing on these painting techniques: blending, layering, glazing, highlighting, and much more! Inexperienced students will receive a supply list at the first class.  If you have painted a bit before and have some supplies, bring them with you and instructor Loran Chavez will make recommendations on items to add or subtract from your paint box.    Class size is limited.

AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE FOR PROFESSIONALS      Beginners and Intermediate Courses  Both of our Sign Language courses feature intense sessions that enable students to communicate with deaf persons whom they may meet in their place of employment.  Students will learn conversational Sign Language, along with Deaf Culture, and will be able to use what they learn in class in the Deaf Community to assist the deaf when needed.  The required text, Learn American Sign Language by James W. Guido (spiral bound) is available on Amazon.  Cheray Bixler is the instructor.  Learning American Sign Language.  Class size is limited.

ASTRONOMY A-Z     This course will cover all aspects of astronomy, not just the planets and constellations.  Students will learn about telescopes and their use, about measuring distances, and about using star maps.  There will be many interesting things to look at, and instructor Charles Scovil will show you how to find them in the night sky.  

AUGUST SUNSET:  A GUIDED, STRUCTURED ART COURSE    New Course!    This course features structured classes in which beginners as well as experienced students can follow the instructor in an easy, fun, step-by-step application of acrylic paint.  Dee Donaldson will give individual assistance to each student, and you will produce a painting of which you will be very proud.  The instructor will provide you a supply list.  Class size is limited.

BEATING THE BUSHES TO FIND THE NUTS IN YOUR FAMILY TREE    New Course!      Researching your family’s history can be one of the most delightful, challenging, and sometimes frustrating of activities.  Sitting down with is the common way people get started, but you have the opportunity to get in-depth knowledge about how to go about delving deeper and deeper into your family tree.  Students will learn the who, what, when, and where to find information; and how to document and organize their family histories.  This course will teach you how to navigate through the charting of vital records, including birth, marriage, death and divorce documents; cemetery and courthouse materials; census, church and military records; and land tax records, plats and plots.  It will be held at the Foley Public Library, where the the library of the Baldwin County Genealogical Society is resident, offering computer access to free genealogical websites and staff eager to help you on your quest.  The library is also equipped with a computer lab so that you can do your research on-site. The instructor, Donna Lewis, assists in the Family History Library at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Daphne, and has tracked over 2,000 family members going back 350 years.

BLUES, BLUES & MO’ BLUES    This course will trace the evolution of the Blues from home singers through itinerant musicians to the broadcast and record industry spawned by the popularity of this music.  With Gene Sellier we will look at some of the pioneers and breakthrough artists of this distinctively American genre and hear some of the music that made them great.    Class size is limited.

BOGS AND BRANCHES: SELECTED HABITATS OF SOUTH BALDWIN COUNTY AT WEEKS BAY RESERVE     This course offers participants a close look at selected ecologically important habitats in south Baldwin County, all located at Weeks Bay Reserve.  The different environments contribute to the value and function of the Weeks Bay estuary, where freshwater and saltwater meet.  Students will learn about the habitats, their different roles in the estuary ecology, and how they influence the plants and animals that live there.  In addition, participants will learn about the diverse trees and other native plants that inhabit Baldwin County and Weeks Bay Reserve.  This course is comprised of lectures, a pontoon boat trip, and walking tours.  Wear sturdy shoes and outdoor attire. Bring bug repellant.  Fred Nation is the instructor.    Class size is limited.

CHAIR YOGA - SITTING AND STANDING     This course is helpful for anyone who wants to exercise but has difficulty with floor postures (weight on hands and knees or repetitive movement on and off the floor) because of knee pain, extra weight, arthritis, etc.  It begins with breath work and seated yoga postures in a chair.  We then stand by the chair (or use the wall) to improve balance and strength in standing poses.  Participants have the option to stay in their chairs or wheelchairs or lie on the floor for relaxation at the end.  Bring a yoga mat.  Blocks and straps are provided; they are optional but will help you to perform to your greatest potential.  The instructor is Billie Reinhart.  

CHICKEN LITTLE WAS RIGHT:  THE SKY IS FALLING!  ALL ABOUT METEORS    New Course!      Meteors have always fascinated man.   From shooting stars to giant fireballs in the sky to the spectacular meteor storm of 1833, when people all across the eastern United States saw thousands of meteors, they have filled our imaginations with wonder.  In a single-day course, Astronomer Charles Scovil will help us understand the formation and behavior of meteors, and tell us about some of the most famous, like Russia’s Chelyabinsk meteor that we remember from 2013, the largest to fall to earth since that nation’s Tunguska fireball event in 1908.  Famously, that one knocked down 80 million trees over an area of 830 square miles.  Mr. Scovil will bring a meteorite for you to handle, but warns, Be careful, it’s heavy, don’t drop it on your toe!  If you’ve got the bug to learn more about astronomy, we have another short course, Our Moon, and our in-depth offering, Astronomy A to Z.  Class size is limited.

CLASSICS OF JEWISH LITERATURE SERIES:  JOSEPHUS   New Course!  This course continues our series dealing with central Jewish thinkers, along with classics of Jewish religious literature.  We will be looking this time at Josephus, an ancient Jewish historian who was witness to revolt between the Jews and Romans, the fall of Masada, and other historical events.  Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan is the instructor.

CREATE YOUR OWN GREETING CARDS    New Course!    Come enjoy crafting three greeting cards, including a birthday, thank you, and generic use card.  Using inks, stamps, and die cuts, you will create personal and beautiful cards you will be proud to send.  Nothing says “I care,” like a handmade card sent with a heartfelt note. The course will be held at the home of your instructor, Emma Rose Fry.  Separate checks for tuition and materials must be received by April 21.   Class size is limited.


DIGITAL DEVICES AND SOCIAL MEDIA 101   New Course!    Technology. It’s a rapidly changing and fascinating field that comes with all kinds of digital gadgets fully customizable with apps and software that just make life a little easier -- until it doesn’t.  This doesn’t even take into account the amount of social media we must keep up with these days in order to stay in touch with those we love.  Amanda Blackwood will help you sort it all out. This is a fun and interactive digital course for beginners and intermediate students.  Topics include how to use the basic functions of your Apple/Android devices (tablets, cell phones, laptops) and how to use the software and apps on these devices, as well as the history behind the who, what, when, where and why of computers and the internet and what this technology will create for our future.  Learn all the ins and outs to navigating social media, how all of your social media interacts with each other, and how to stay safe when communicating online.  In this course, we’ll also talk about some of the newer social-media concepts that are rolling out every day.  If time permits, the class will learn how to create their own “networks” to communicate with family and friends. 

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY      Learn how to be creative by using easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. This course will show you how to have fun with painting without worrying about the end result. Instructor Jane Sellier will provide you with a supplies list.    Class size is limited.

EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION TECHNIQUES     New Course!     In this course, students will learn the skills of effective communication and presentation in a safe, comfortable environment with proven techniques, helpful feedback and opportunities to develop confidence and competence.  Conquer your fear of public speaking or polish your presentation style to eliminate distracting habits so that your audience will hang on your every word and applaud your delivery.  Susie Weiss, Billy Brown and Karen White are your instructors.

ESSENTIAL POETRY OF WILLIAM WORDSWORTH AND THE SPIRIT OF ROMANTICISM    New Course!     We will read together the essential poems of Wordsworth which contributed to the shaping of the visionary nature of Romantic poetry from the beginning of the 19th century to our own time.  The text is Essential Wordsworth, selected and with an introduction by Seamus Heaney (Harper Collins), available on Amazon.  Mary McBride is the instructor.   Class size is limited.

FIFTY SHADES OF GRAPHITE – BASIC DRAWING FOR GRAPHITE PENCIL WORK     New Course!      Students will learn basic drawing skills and techniques to render works in pencil and various leads.  Anne Brooks will help you get amazing results using just shades of black and grey.

FINDING LIGHT IN THE DARK:  THE HUMAN CONDITION     New Course!     The gift of literature presents human life in all its messiness.  In this course, we will study and discuss literature that looks deeply at the human condition in all its strangeness, pain, even violence.  In the process, we will ask two fundamental questions: Where and how do we recognize light or grace in such dark events?  Can we find meaning in these unlikeliest of situations?  Among the works we will explore are short stories by Flannery O’Connor and Isaac Bashevis Singer and poems by Robert Frost, Gerard Manley Hopkins, John Donne, and others.  The texts for this course can be accessed online; Margaret Davis will provide you a number of websites. 

FRENCH CULTURAL HISTORY FROM LASCAUX TO LADY LIBERTY     New Course!     This course provides a brief overview of the history of French culture from the earliest known inhabitants to the modern age, focusing on events and people who changed the known world.  We will begin with prehistoric art found in the caves at Lascaux to the early Middle Ages, and then cover the period from Joan of Arc to Lady Liberty, the statue that provides a cultural, historic link between France and the USA.  The instructors are Dr. Jazz (Jeanine) Normand and Eleonore Verfaillie.

FRENCH FOR TRAVELERS, AND.FUN WITH WINE AND CHEESE PAIRINGS    New Course!    Not your average language course!  Yes, we’ll do the usual French-for-travelers bit to give you the survival skills necessary to walk the streets of Paris.  Frank Martin will provide you the basics of the language, including practical matters like counting and telling the time, and the appropriate greetings, introductions, and courtesy expressions that will help you to communicate in different situations such as ordering in a restaurant or finding the train station.  And there will be a smattering of customs and culture as well.  Frank and his wife Leila, who are hosting this course at their home in Magnolia Springs, will select wines and cheeses for us to sample.  There will be two wines to try with a different cheese at each of our six sessions, some familiar and some perhaps not (Pont l’Evèque?Class size is limited.

FROM OLD SOUTHWEST TO OLD SOUTH: ALABAMA'S TERRITORIAL AND EARLY STATEHOOD YEARS    Alabama’s rapid transition from a backwoods frontier to a vital part of the American Union is perhaps the most dramatic period in its long and storied history.  First coming under American government as the eastern portion of the sparsely populated Mississippi Territory in 1798, by 1825 Alabama had achieved statehood and was rapidly on the way to becoming one of the most economically and politically important states in the Union.  Drawing on years of study of the era and three books he has written or co-authored on this period of time, historian Mike Bunn, Director of Historic Blakeley State Park, will explore Alabama’s beginnings in three fast-moving classes introducing the people, places and events central to Alabama’s formative period.

GENETICALLY ENGINEERED CROPS:  THE SCIENCE AND THE CONTROVERSY    Three major crops presently grown in Baldwin County are mostly (90+%) genetically modified (GM).  What is your level of comfort/discomfort over the increased use of genetic engineering in food (and other) crop production?  This presentation will begin with an overview of the technologies necessary to create commercially viable GM crops.  What are the major controversies?  Two major GM trait releases will be discussed as examples, and we will test samples of sweet corn for  a GM trait. Your instructor is Mike Healy.

GROWING AND PROPAGATING AFRICAN VIOLETS    African violets have become the favorite houseplant across the world.  This course will cover the seven key factors for successfully growing violets:  light, watering, feeding, grooming, environment, soil and potting.  Your instructor, Jere Trigg, will discuss the procedures for propagating violets from leaves and suckers.  Hybridizing your violets will result in the development of new and differently colored flowers, some of which can be truly spectacular.  You will learn techniques for cross-pollinating flowers, planting the resulting seeds, and caring for the seedlings to adult blooming plants.  There will be demonstrations of grooming, repotting, propagation from leaves and suckers, and cross-pollination of two flowers to produce hybrid seed.  Plants will be available for purchase.

HISTORIC SIDEWALK WALKING TOUR OF BATTLES WHARF BAYFRONT HOMES, AND MUCH MORE!    New Course!     Battles Wharf is rich in a history so little known to Fairhopeans.  Here we can view the homes of early settlers, and others more recent, whom Jan Weiler of Landmark Tours will bring alive for you.   Then we will visit the lovely Confederate Rest Cemetery and enjoy a visit to the Punta Clara Kitchen, where pralines, cakes and more are handmade by aproned ladies.  At the time of our visit, the Kitchen will be headlong into creating jams and jellies along with candies and pickles.  Lucky us – the owners are very generous with their samples.  Finally, Jan will take us to the park atop the bluff overlooking the Fairhope Pier to tell us about the fascinating history of Mobile Bay.  Then we will gather for a Dutch treat lunch at a local restaurant for a time of fellowship to discuss all we have seen.  We will meet at the Fairhope Welcome Center and carpool from there.  Class size is limited.

INTRODUCTION TO ART QUILTING    New Course!    ! Art quilters use fabric and stitch to create art the way painters use paint. Participants will explore the wide range of artistic expression possible when working in fabric. Each week will focus on a different small project designed to give students experience in some of the techniques and styles used in art quilting, including fusing, embellishing, improvisational piecing, and turning a photograph into a quilt. For some examples of the kinds of things we will be doing, see the photos below and go to the Facebook page for the Azalea City Art Quilters at Come join in the fun! Sewing machine and basic sewing ability required. No artistic experience is necessary. Susan Mogan is the instructor. Class size is limited.


INTRODUCTION TO CHINA-TAIWAN RELATIONS     New Course!     In 1954, 1958, and again in 1996, crises in the Taiwan Strait have led to U.S. naval mobilization and even nuclear threats against China.  To many casual observers from afar, these events represented isolated confrontations between a major regional power and what is now the remaining superpower.  However, for others, the events were an initiation into the history of larger, long‑running, China‑Taiwan tensions that have the potential for serious and long-term regional, and even global, destabilization.  This course explores the background and present nature of these tensions and their implications for the futures of Taiwan, China, and the U.S.  The instructor is Michael Renalds.

INTRODUCTION TO CHINESE LANGUAGE AND WRITING     New Course!     Using lecture and interaction with students, the instructor will explore both the Chinese language and the characters used to write it, as well as debunking myths about the language.  The first part of the workshop is a linguistic overview of the spoken forms of Chinese with emphasis on both similarities and differences from English.  The second part introduces the nature and principles of Chinese writing and how it relates to the spoken language.  Michael Renalds is the instructor.

INTRODUCTION TO ASTRONOMY     New Course!     How did Earth get such a big moon compared to other planets?  In this single day course, Astronomer Charles ScovilWe will look at a display of many telescopic images of beautiful things in the sky, each one explained. It will whet your appetite for more!

THE JOURNEY OF COLORED COTTON    New Course!     There are five kinds of cotton, only one of which is white, originating in India, and the others are mutations that developed on journeys starting in the 14th century to Europe, Egypt, and South and Central America, with various loop-backs.  Colored cotton thus has historic links to the technological advances in overland and maritime transportation, mercantilism, and the Spanish explorations.  How does colored cotton impact the agribusiness market today, and why should it matter to you?  Barbara Comstock will lead us on this journey of colored cotton and conclude with how colored cotton could solve significant problems faced by the textile industry today.  Students will get a chance to hold fibers and see examples of how they are used.  And, if you’re a gardener (or not!), you can take home some colored cotton seeds to grow for yourself.

MAHLER’S MASTERPIECE:  THE RESURRECTION SYMPHONY     New Course!     The Resurrection Symphony, which will be presented by the Mobile Symphony Orchestra for the first time this season, cemented Gustav Mahler’s fame as one of history’s foremost composers.  This mammoth piece is known for its grandeur and scale.  It requires a performing force which includes soloists and a chorus, which the composer directed should be deployed beyond the confines of the stage itself.  MSO will be featuring three choirs - the University of South Alabama Concert Choir, the Mobile Opera Chorus, and the Eastern Shore Choral Society.  We will study this work in depth and watch a video of the production mounted by the Lucerne Festival Orchestra in Switzerland and become familiar with two other classical music compositions on the MSO program, Mozart’s Piano Concerto and Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony, as well.  Even if you don't plan to attend the concert, come and enjoy this course - it is not to be missed!   The instructor is Vincentine Williams.

MAKE YOUR OWN SPRING DÉCOR PIECE     New Course!     In this course, students will make a Spring-themed home décor piece as shown below.  The project utilizes stamps, inks, die-cuts and watercolors to create a raised-relief product.  You must bring to class an 8x10 inch (inside dimension) stand-up picture frame with glass.  While the illustration features a white frame, the choice of color is yours.  This project can be hung or propped on a table.  Come prepared to be delighted with your creation!  Emma Rose Fry is the instructor.  Separate checks for tuition and materials must be received by Mar. 10.    Class size is limited.


MOBY DICK WITHOUT READING THE BOOK!     New Course!     Moby Dick has been described as “brain-muddling and soul-bewildering”. Melville was consciously ambiguous in his use of symbols and text.  Explore with Art Holder some of the writing, symbols and themes of the book without having your brain muddled or your soul bewildered.  Students will be provided excerpts of the text prior to the first class. 

OUR MOON     New Course!     How did Earth get such a big moon compared to other planets?  In this single day course, Astronomer Charles Scovil will explain the cosmic forces that cause the formation of moons.  Interestingly, Earth’s moon, while not the largest in the solar system, is the largest moon in relation to the size of its planet.  We will explore these topics and more in a short, one-day course that, if you have not yet taken Astronomy A to Z, will whet your appetite for learning more about our celestial home, the solar system.  See also Chicken Little was Right:  The Sky Is Falling!  All About Meteors.

PORTRAIT OF A BLACK AND WHITE ROOSTER:  A GUIDED, STRUCTURED ART COURSE       New Course!     This course features structured classes in which students follow the instructor step-by-step in the application of paint, making this an easy, fun class for beginners as well as experienced students.  This composition can be done in oils or acrylics.  Hands-on personal time is given to each student, and you will produce a painting of which you will be very proud.  For those who have taken this course before, this rooster is a different species than that which we painted previously.  Instructor Dee Donaldson will provide you a supply list.  Class size is limited.

THE PRIMARY SOURCES OF KABBALAH     New Course!    In this course, we will delve deeper into Jewish mysticism than last term’s Central Ideas of Kaballah by studying the Zohar, the classic book expressing kabbalistic ideas, and other sources. Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan is the instructor. 

RADICALISM AND TERRORISM IN THE WORLD    New Course!    The U.S. has spent over a trillion dollars fighting terrorism.  Yet the victory is not in sight.. What went wrong?  Is our strategy misguided?  These lectures will examine the following topics: Understanding the problem and its roots; religious and economic causes of violence; the way forward to stopping terrorism, and current misguided theories.  We will ask ourselves, will Trump make a difference?   The instructor is Lal Goel.

THE REMARKABLE ORDINARY, BY FREDERICK BUECHNER:  LISTENING TO OUR LIVES          New Course!     Jerry and Cynthia Blacklaw will lead a four-week discussion on The Remarkable Ordinary, the latest book by Frederick Buechner, who writes that though daily life may often seem boring, predictable, and insignificant, he encourages us to stop, look and listen to our lives.  Buechner reflects on how both art and faith teach us to pay attention to the remarkableness and greatness of the ordinary right in front of us.  Advance purchase of the book, while not required, is strongly recommended; it is available at Amazon and Page & Palette.

ROBERT MITCHUM RETROSPECTIVE:  HEAVEN KNOWS, MR. ALLISON; CAPE FEAR; and FAREWELL, MY LOVELY      New Course!     This course will feature three Robert Mitchum movies from 1957, 1961 and 1975, chosen to display the often-surprising versatility of Mitchum’s acting style.  Each movie will be introduced briefly by Brenda Huchingson and followed by class discussion. 

SAILING FUNDAMENTALS     New Course!     There are many dimensions to sailing, and this course will give you a little exposure to what it is like, to see if it is something you might enjoy. This basic how-to-sail course will include nautical terms, points of sail, sail trim, steering, right-of-way rules and safety in three classroom sessions, followed by a three-hour, hands-on sail. John Helmstadter is your captain.   Class size is limited.

SAILING UNDER THE BLACK FLAG: THE ROMANCE AND THE REALITY OF PIRATES       New Course!     Pirates - they attacked, looted and vanished. We think we know pirates; we learned about them as children in stories and movies. This course presents the REAL life of pirates, how they fought, lived and died. It will reveal the truth behind the myths, fairy tales and Hollywood-inspired images. We will explore the lives of real pirates from ancient times to the 18th century, including famous lady pirates and their fates. Join Tony Rhodes sailing the Seven Seas during the Golden Age of Piracy..  Class size is limited.

SELF -CARE PRACTICES FOR HEALTH AND WELLBEING     New Course!     This is a practical self-help healing approach that produces positive emotional, mental, physical and spiritual changes and brings more balance, joy and awareness into your life.  The course is designed around a core of gentle and effective techniques and practices that include meditation, movement, breathing, healing, and affirmation techniques.  It will foster more awareness and grounding, and allow for deeper understanding and healing of self.  No experience is necessary.  Wear comfortable clothes, and bring a light lunch.   Bob Maldonado is the instructor.  Class size is limited.

SKETCHBOOK ON THE ROAD       New Course!     Most of us wouldn't dream of traveling - or even taking a day trip - without taking a camera along, but the magic of the moment can be better captured by doing a sketch! Jane Sellier will help you change ho-hum photo images into memorable pictures of where you were. Students will be provided a supply list.

SPANISH FOR BEGINNERS AND RE-LEARNERS       New Course!     Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and cultures. This practical and fun course involves active participation to enable students to communicate, comprehend and use accurate pronunciation in Spanish as quickly as possible. The course emphasizes speaking abilities, but will consider the language as a whole; taking into account grammar, vocabulary, and cultural understanding. The primary objective of this course is to acquire basic communication skills or "Survival Spanish". Functions include: using appropriate greetings, introductions and courtesy expressions as well as being able to communicate in different situations such as visiting a bank, restaurant, or other public places. Furthermore, students should be able to give their personal information, and talk about personal preferences and activities in growing details. As a Beginning student, you will study basic sentence structures, learn everyday vocabulary, and develop the ability to clearly communicate basic ideas in Spanish. Students should bring a Spanish-English dictionary and notebook. Maria Whatley is the instructor.

THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM     New Course!     Did the three Wise Men really see a giant star, or as some hypothesize, a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, a comet, or a supernova? We will go back 2,000 years and try to find some scientific truth. .

THE TAO TE CHING       New Course!     The Tao Te Ching is the ancient Chinese document most associated with Taoism, a major stream of religion and philosophy in Chinese culture. We will discuss the historical context of the document, the meaning of each verse of the Tao, and possible personal applications of Taoist principles to modern life. Students should purchase any translation of the Tao; many are available on Amazon. Rhett Ellis is the instructor.

THERAPEUTIC ESSENTIAL OILS AND NON-TOXIC LIVING       New Course!     Instructor Susie Weiss will provide an overview of essential oils, including a brief history, application methods, safety concerns, grades of essential oils, and how they are processed. Eight to ten essential oils will be sampled with an in-depth discussion of their uses. We will also see how non-toxic cleaning can be simple and powerfully effective when essential oils are included. You will learn how to eliminate toxic chemicals from your household and replace them with plant-based options that smell amazing and do not hinder your health. Then we will wind up the course with do-it-yourself projects. DIY projects utilizing essential oils are delightful and always appreciated as gifts. Students will make three projects using essential oils and get a recipe booklet for a dozen more.

UKULELE FOR BEGINNERS      Learn the basics of this fun folk instrument.  Students will achieve beginners’ skills in tuning the ukulele, playing simple chords in different musical keys, and employing different strumming styles, all while playing many traditional, popular and Hawaiian songs.  No musical knowledge required – just a willingness to have fun!  Students must provide their own ukulele; instructor Carl Couret will provide information about purchasing an instrument.  Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at every class.  Class size is limited.

THE UNRECOGNIZED DANGERS OF RETIREMENT:  IT’S NOT ONLY RUNNING OUT OF MONEY!      Most people spend more time planning a three-week vacation to Europe than how they will spend their retirement years.  In fact, our ideas about successful retirement are not only outdated, but also counter-productive.  This course will explore why this is so and how to plan for (or begin) a happy and purposeful retirement, rather than a boring one.  The course is geared to people already retired or planning to retire within the next five years.  It is based on Mitch Anthony’s book The New Retirementality: How to Plan Your Life and Live Your Dreams At Any Age You Want, which one reviewer called “enormously inspirational and immensely practical.”  Students will be provided a methodology to guide them to a great retirement, no matter their present or future circumstances.  John Brown is the instructor.   

WALKING THE JEWISH BIBLE SERIES:  THE BOOK OF ESTHER; AND THE JEWISH VIEW OF THE AFTERLIFE     New Course!    Continuing the popular series of courses that we started in 2012, join Rabbi Steven Silberman for a short study of a fascinating Biblical text as we examine Esther, the woman and the scroll.  In response to questions about Jewish views of life after death, we have expanded the course this term to five weeks in length rather than the usual three.

WATERCOLORS FOR BEGINNERS     In this course, you will gain confidence in watercolor basics using a limited palette.  The course concentrates on types of washes, paint, paper, and brushes, and all their uses.  We will practice such techniques as dry brushing, masking, lifting, washes, glazes, bubbles, and more.  You will create and complete paintings on your own, taking home a paint palette, paper, and four brushes.  Loran Chavez is the instructor.  Class size is limited.

YOGA FOR FITNESS AND STRESS MANAGEMENT     Find balance between getting a workout tensing all the major muscles in your body and releasing them into relaxing poses – from upright, forward, backward and sideways to twisting and inverted.  As you practice yoga with emphasis on your breath and alignment, you become naturally more active and fit.  And as you do yoga, you will feel better about yourself in body, mind and spirit.  Explore your limits without feeling exhausted.  You will feel refreshed, full of energy and ready for anything, with a calmer outlook on life.  Bring a yoga mat and towel.  The instructor is Christina Caprez.

ZUMBA GOLD®     New Course!     You might have heard of Zumba®, the Latin-inspired dance fitness program for active adults. Zumba Gold®, which features the basics, is a low-impact, easy-to-follow and effective exercise program for anyone at any age. It is designed so that beginners and deconditioned or physically-limited participants can learn at their own speed and physical level in a fun, party-like atmosphere. Bring a towel and water, and dress in comfortable workout clothes with proper shoes (cross-trainers or dance sneakers). Rebecca La Nasa is the instructor.


In Fairhope

Fairhope Public Library, 501 Fairhope Avenue
Fairhope Unitarian Fellowship, 1150 Fairhope Avenue (opposite the Baldwin County satellite courthouse)
First Baptist Church Fairhope, 300 South Section Street  (at Nichols Avenue)
Fairhope Friends Meeting House, (Quakers), 9261 Fairhope Ave. (Heading east, it is on the left just after Rose's Tree Service)
Homestead Village, 924 Plantation Boulevard (off  U.D. Hwy. 98, north of Piggly Wiggly)
Nix Center, 1 Bayou Dr. (off North Section St.)
Redeemer Lutheran Church, 200 South Section Street (at Morphy Avenue}
St. James Episcopal Church, 860 N Section Street (at intersection of Scenic Hwy. 98 and CR-104)
Trinity Presbyterian Church, 545 South Mobile Street at Fig Avenue (on the bay)
United Methodist Church, Christian Life Center Building, 155 South Section Street (at Morphy Avenue)

In Daphne

Daphne Public Library, 2607 U.S. Highway 98 (at Whispering Pines Rd.)
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 8271 Whispering Pines Road (Heading east, it is on left past YMCA and Creekside development) 
United Methodist Church,  2401 Main Street (Scenic 98 at Rosa Avenue)

In Foley

Foley Public Library, 319 East Laurel Avenue (Hwy. 98 just east of Hwy. 59)

In Spanish Fort

Spanish Fort Presbyterian Church, 6620 Spanish Ford Boulevard (Route 31) on the right 
Westminster Village, 500 Spanish Fort Boulevard (Hwy. 31- Take Hwy. 98 N. to end, turn right onto Route 31. The Village is on the right after you pass Rouse's Grocery on the left.)



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