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***** Fall 2018 Term *****  

The Fall Term  2018 will begin September 3.


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Courses are held in Fairhope except as noted.

( L) : limited class size 

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Awaken the Mystical Artist Within

Tues., 9-noon, 4 weeks, Oct. 16-Nov. 6, tuition $60, materials fee $20, Bob Maldonado, 210-6872. (L)

Digital Photography

Wed., 9:30am-12:30pm, 6 weeks, d 19-Oct. 24, tuition $90.  Register with Gene Sellier preferably via e-mail at, or call 597-7543. (L)

Great Cathedrals of Western Civilization

Fri., 10-noon, 8 weeks, Sept. 7-Oct. 26, tuition $80.  Register with Jane Sellier preferably via e-mail at or call 990-5930. (L)

Sketchbook Revival

Sat., 10-noon, 4 weeks, Sept. 15-Oct. 6, tuition $40, materials fee $5, Anne Brooks, 232-1013.

Zentangle® for Beginners

Spanish Fort     Tues., 10-noon, 6 weeks, Sept. 11-Oct. 16, tuition $60, materials fee $5, Roxann Dyess, 402-8336. (L) 



Alabama’s Civil War Battles

Thurs., Oct. 25, 10-11:30am, tuition $8, Mike Bunn, 626-0798.  

The Creek War and the War of 1812

Thurs., Oct. 18, 10-11:30am, tuition $8, Mike Bunn, 626-0798.  

Duel of Eagles:  The Evolution of the US-Mexican Border

Wed., Oct. 24, 9:30am-12:30pm, tuition $15, Tony Rhodes, 601-467-4490.

“Exercise Tiger”:  The Greatest Military Blunder of WWII and the U.S. Govt. Cover Up

Tues., 1-3pm, 5 weeks, Oct. 2-16 and Oct. 30-Nov. 6, tuition $50, Glenn Isaacs, 626-9793.

A Fairhope Immigrant’s View of Vietnamese and American Cultures 

Mon., 1:30-3:30 pm, 2 weeks, Oct. 1-8, tuition $20, James Bond, 455-4598. 

French Cultural History from Lascaux to Lady Liberty

Thurs, 1-3pm, 3 weeks, Sept. 20-Oct. 4, tuition $30, Dr. Jazz (Jeanine) Normand, 928-2284.  

Historic Sidewalk Tour of Battles Wharf Bayfront Homes, and More! 

Fri., 10-noon.  Select a date: Sept. 7, 14, 21, or 28, tuition $10, Jan Weiler/Landmark Tours, 928-0207. (L)

Mystery Writer Anne Perry and the Murder That Shocked the World

Thurs., Oct. 25, 1:30-3:30pm, tuition $10, Brenda Huchingson, 650-2499. (L)

New France in America


The Power of the Press

Sat., Sept. 8, 10-noon, tuition $10.  The instructor is Cliff McCollum.  To register, call Laurie Wiggins at 990-5555.

Stalin’s Russia

Fri., Oct. 19, 2:45-4:45pm, tuition $10, Mara Kozelsky, 617-909-7299.  

Vanuatu: The Wildest, Wackiest Country You Never Heard Of

1:30-3pm, 3 classes, Tues., Nov. 13, Thurs., Nov. 15, and Tues. Nov. 20, tuition $23. Lew Toulmin is the instructor.  To register, call Laurie Wiggins at 990-5555.



Symbolism in the Arts, Music and Literature

Mon., 1:30-3:30pm, 6 weeks, Oct. 1-Nov. 5, tuition $60, small materials fee, optional text, Ronald Hunt, 644-0594.

Walking the Jewish Bible Series: The Scroll of Lamentations

Daphne     Mon., 6-8pm, 3 weeks, Oct. 22-Nov. 5, tuition $30.  The instructor is Rabbi Steven Silberman. To register, call Dot Bremer at 604-9342.



A Few of My Favorite Poems

Wed., 1:30-3:30pm, 5 weeks, Oct. 10-Nov. 7, tuition $38, materials download or small copying fee, Margaret Davis, 604-7421.   

Literary Perspectives on Aging: Short Stories and a Movie

Thurs., 3 weeks. 1:30- 3:30pm on Sept. 20-27, and 1:30-4pm on Oct. 4, tuition $33, small materials fee, Brenda Huchingson, 650-2499. (L)

Samuel “Dictionary” Johnson (1709-1784) and Chief Justice John Roberts (1955 - )

Mon., 1:30-4pm, 2 weeks, Oct. 1-8, tuition $25, Mary McBride, 928-1048. (L)

Traditional or Self-Publishing:  Pros and Cons in Today's New Publishing World

Thurs., 10-noon, 2 weeks, Sept. 20-27, tuition $20, John O'Melveny Woods, 425-922-6580.

Write Right Now!

Thurs., 1-3pm, 6 weeks, Oct. 4-Nov. 8, tuition $60, small materials fee, Rosanne Gulisano, 630-327-1890. (L)



The Great American Songbook – What Is It?

5:30-7pm, 3 classes, Wed., Oct. 3, Tues., Oct. 9 and Tues., Oct. 30, tuition $23, Dr. Jazz (Jeanine) Normand, 928-2284.

Overture to a Symphony!?!

Mon., 10-noon, 7 weeks, Sept. 17-Oct. 29, tuition $70, Vincentine Williams, 626-2712.

Ukulele for Beginners

6 classes, 4:30 5:30pm, Tues., Sept 4, Fri., Sept. 7, Tues., Sept.11, Fri., Sept. 14, Wed., Sept. 19 and Fri., Sept. 21, tuition $30, materials fee $5, Carl Couret, 518-6376.



Cake Decorating and Holiday Baking

Daphne    Thurs., 9-noon, 3 weeks, Oct. 4-18, tuition $45, materials fee $20, Chris Zuercher, 621-9489. (L)

Easy Bridge 

Tues., 9:15-11:15am, 10 weeks, Sept. 11-Nov. 13, tuition $100, text optional.  Martin Powell and Arlene DiPietro are the instructors.  To register, call Arlene at 928-1519. 

Growing and Propagating African Violets

Thurs., 10-noon, 2 weeks, Oct 25-Nov. 1, tuition $20, Jere Trigg, 776-2495.

Introduction to Longleaf Pine Basketry

Daphne   Wed., Oct. 17, 5:30-7:30pm, tuition $10, materials fee $8, Barb Comstock, 272-0624.

Jewelry-Making for Beginners

Daphne    Wed., 10-noon, 4 weeks, Oct. 17-Nov. 7, tuition $40, materials fee $45, Gaagii Lammers, 648-9860. (L)           

Knit One, Purl Two –Advanced Knitting Techniques (I)

Sat, 10-noon, 2 weeks, Sept. 22-29, tuition $20, Wendy Gosnell, 623-3895. (L)

Knit One, Purl Two –Advanced Knitting Techniques (II)

Sat., Oct. 6, 10-noon, tuition $10, Wendy Gosnell, 623-3895. (L)

Petits Fours 101

Daphne    Tues., Nov. 6, 9-noon, tuition $15, materials fee $15, Chris Zuercher, 621-9489. (L)

Tatting for Beginners

Spanish Fort     Tues. and Fri., 10am-1pm, 4 classes, Nov. 6, 9, 13, and 16, tuition $60, Vincentine Williams, 626-2712.



AirBNB:  Host or Guest…Is It for You?


American Sign Language for Professionals -Part I  

Tues., 5:45-7:45pm, 9 weeks, Sept. 4-Nov. 6, tuition $90, text required, Cheray Bixler, 752-4354.  Part II will be presented in the Spring 2019 term.

The Nuts and Bolts of Estate Planning

Thurs., Sept. 6, 6-7:45pm, tuition $9, John Brown, 990-8308.

The Unrecognized Dangers of Retirement:  It’s Not Only Running Out of Money!

Thurs., Nov. 15, 6-7:45pm, tuition $9, John Brown, 990-8308.  



Chair Yoga – Sitting or Standing

Wed., 10:30-11:30am, 4 weeks, Oct. 2-23, tuition $20, Billie Reinhart, 929-4020.

Self-Care Practices for Health and Wellbeing

Fri., 9-noon, 4 weeks, Oct. 19-Nov. 9, tuition $60, materials fee $10, Bob Maldonado, 210-6872. (L)

Yoga for Fitness and Stress Management

Mon, 9:10-10:30am, 6 weeks, tuition $40, Christina Caprez, 928-9565. 

Yoga I   Sept. 10-Oct. 15     Yoga II   Oct. 22-Nov. 5, and Nov. 19-Dec. 3

Zumba Gold® 

Thurs., 10-11am, 6 weeks, Sept. 6-Oct. 11, tuition $30, Rebecca LaNasa, 386-864-0062.


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AirBNB:  HOST OR GUEST….IS IT FOR YOU?     New Course!     AirBNB is an online community marketplace that connects people looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for accommodations.  AirBNB users include hosts and travelers.  The hosts list and rent out their unused spaces, and travelers search for and book accommodations in 192 countries worldwide.  Learn from the experiences of an AirBNB host.  Joan Sulzmann will take you on her journey from aspiring innkeeper to AirBNB Super Host. Things to know, decisions to make and the rewards or challenges as a guest or a host will be discussed. 

ALABAMA’S CIVIL WAR BATTLES     New Course!     Most Alabamians who are interested in Civil War history know much more about battles that occurred elsewhere than the fighting that took place within the state’s borders from 1861 to 1865.  While it is true that no battle on the scale of Gettysburg took place here, numerous smaller but viciously-fought battles on land and water did in locations from the Tennessee Valley to the Gulf Coast.  Join Mike Bunn, Director of Historic Blakeley State Park, for a journey into one of the most important eras in Alabama’s storied past as we explore the major military actions that took place in Alabama during the Civil War.

AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE FOR PROFESSIONALS    PART I     This Beginners course features intense sessions that enable students to communicate with deaf persons whom they may meet in their place of employment.  Students will learn conversational Sign Language, along with Deaf Culture, and will be able to use what they learn in class in the Deaf Community to assist the deaf when needed.  The required text, Talking with Your Hands, Listening with Your Eyes, by Gabriel Grayson is available on Amazon.  Part I consists of nine classes.  Part II, which has eight classes, will be held in our Spring term.  Cheray Bixler is the instructor.  Class size is limited.

AWAKEN THE MYSTICAL ARTIST WITHIN     New Course!     In this course, students will explore art in a new way that is fun, free, and flowing, using lots of color that flows onto paper using soft pastel chalks.  Unlike the techniques of traditional art, students will use guided meditation that helps them investigate subjects of interest to them, such as problem-solving, dreams, upcoming decisions, issues in relationships, etc.  In one class, a student wanted to know about a chronic illness; another had a pet exhibiting new and strange behavior and the owner wanted to know what she was up to.  The student then studies and interprets their drawing to learn more about the subject.  These are shared in class and the other students offer interpretation and insights.  You will have lots of fun with instructor Bob Maldonado doing soul portraits to bring more awareness of your gifts and life purpose.  Class size is limited.

CAKE DECORATING AND HOLIDAY BAKING      Learn the fundamentals of cake decorating in a step-by-step process to success.  This course will teach you baking, torting, filling and frosting cakes like the professionals do.  Proper techniques to prepare and use decorating bags with various types of tips will be covered.  Transfer methods, design, color choice, figure piping, borders, and flowers will all be presented in an easy-to-learn manner.  In the final class, we will create a seasonal decorated cake.  Chris Zuercher is the instructor.  Class size is limited. 

CHAIR YOGA – SITTING AND STANDING    This course is helpful for anyone who wants to exercise but has difficulty with floor postures (weight on hands and knees or repetitive movement on and off the floor) because of knee pain, extra weight, arthritis, etc.  It begins with breath work and seated yoga postures in a chair.  We then stand by the chair (or use the wall) to improve balance and strength in standing poses.  Participants have the option to stay in their chairs or wheelchairs or lie on the floor for relaxation at the end.  Bring a yoga mat.  Blocks and straps are provided; they are optional but will help you to perform to your greatest potential.  The instructor is Billie Reinhart. 

THE CREEK WAR AND THE WAR OF 1812     New Course!     The interrelated Creek War and the War of 1812 were landmark events in America’s past that changed the course of the Gulf South’s history.  While the War of 1812 was an international conflict in which what became Alabama played a small part, the Creek War was fought almost entirely within the state.  Join Mike Bunn, Director of Historic Blakeley State Park,, for a discussion of the significance of the nationally-important military campaigns associated with these conflicts, conducted in Alabama during its territorial years.

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY     This basic photography course will help you get better results from your digital camera.  Discover what all those dials, wheels, buttons and menu options mean and how they can help improve your pictures.  We will cover specific tasks such as portraits, action photography and close-ups; photo editing software and the many options for displaying your finished product, be it a photo book, slide show, individual print, collage, greeting card or web image.  While this course is of most benefit to those who use cameras that have interchangeable lenses or adjustable modes, the photographic principles taught apply to all forms of digital cameras.  Bring your camera, manual and sense of humor to class.  Gene Sellier is the instructor.  Class size is limited. 

DUEL OF EAGLES:  THE EVOLUTION OF THE US-MEXICAN BORDER     New Course!     An unpopular war, a country convinced of its Manifest Destiny, illegal immigrants pouring across the borders….these were hot topics in 1846.  This course will present the history of how the American Southwest borders were formed and the impact on both the United States and Mexico (for both of which the eagle is the national symbol, hence our title).  We will discuss the cultural differences that led to conflict and review the military campaigns of the Mexican War, which was in reality the deadliest war the US ever fought. Discussion will include the personalities who dominated the era.  Tony Rhodes is the instructor.

EASY BRIDGE     New Course!     This is a “basic and refresher” course for newcomers to the game as well as others who have not played Bridge in a long time and want to get back into it.  Students will learn the fundamentals of Bridge, structured for all learning levels.  The course will be taught utilizing the book, Easy Bridge the Comic Book by Edith McMullin.  It may be purchased on Amazon for under $20.  Purchasing the book is completely optional.  If you’re ready to have some fun, come join instructors Martin Powell and Arlene DiPietro.  Let the bidding begin!  

“EXERCISE TIGER”:  THE GREATEST MILITARY BLUNDER OF WWII AND THE U.S. GOVERNMENT COVER UP     New Course!     The Slapton Sands Disaster, a pivotal event of WWII, is one of the greatest cover ups in American military history.  In preparation for D-Day's Operation Overlord invasion, in April 1944 the American army and navy undertook a practice exercise on the beach of Slapton Sands, England with movements and explosions that drew the attention of German torpedo boats.  The loss of LSTs and troops was so horrific that the U.S. Government suppressed all reports and ordered the surviving soldiers to never tell anyone of the assault.  The cover up was not revealed until some 44 years later.  The question is, why was there a cover up?  Instructor Glenn Isaacs, who is writing a book of historical fiction on the subject, will lead us through all aspects of the answer.

A FAIRHOPE IMMIGRANT’S VIEW OF VIETNAMESE AND AMERICAN CULTURES     New Course!     As a teenager, James Bond emigrated with his family from Central Vietnam directly to Fairhope, James having made the selection primarily because of the climate.  He will share with us his observations about differences in the Vietnamese and American cultures, and share his insights about this area and other parts of the U.S.

A FEW OF MY FAVORITE POEMS     New Course!      This course will feature best-loved poems from some of the greatest poets writing in the English language.  We will read and discuss the assigned poetry, and class members can bring in their own favorites for the last meeting.  This is a course for those who love language but may not be serious poetry lovers (not yet, at any rate!)  Poets to be considered will be drawn from these: Matthew Arnold, Anne Bradstreet, Robert Browning, Emily Dickinson, John Donne, Robert Frost, Gerard Manley Hopkins, John Milton, William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, and W. B. Yeats.  Copies of the poetry will be made available to the class via email or copies can be provided for a small fee.  The instructor is Margaret Davis.

FRENCH CULTURAL HISTORY FROM LASCAUX TO LADY LIBERTY     This course provides a brief overview of the history of French culture from the earliest known inhabitants to the modern age, focusing on events and people who changed the known world.  We will begin with prehistoric art found in the caves at Lascaux to the early Middle Ages, and then cover the period from Joan of Arc to Lady Liberty, the statue that provides a cultural, historic link between France and the USA.  The instructor is Dr. Jazz (Jeanine) Normand.

THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK:  WHAT IS IT?     New Course!     This course is an introduction to the music that is known as the Great American Songbook.  Lectures will be interspersed with recitals on piano of some of the selections, beginning in the late 19th century and ending with the 1950s.  This music is also known as “the standards.”  While there are fewer women composers, we will cover as many of them as possible, too, including the big band era.  Dr. Jazz (Jeanine) Normand is the instructor.

GREAT CATHEDRALS OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION     New Course!     It is hard for the modern mind to comprehend the symbolic and real power that the cathedral has held for much of the past 2,000 years of western civilization.  Rising to the heavens, a three-dimensional manifestation of art, science and religious fervor, a cathedral was the local seat of power, community, worship and economics.  This course features a  DVD presentation that is profusely illustrated by 3-D animations and photographs.  Once you have studied these extraordinary structures, you may very well feel the need to see them in person, whether you’re a first-time visitor or a frequent traveler.  Jane Sellier is the instructor.  Class size is limited.

GROWING AND PROPAGATING AFRICAN VIOLETS     African violets have become the favorite houseplant across the world.  This course will cover the seven key factors for successfully growing violets:  light, watering, feeding, grooming, environment, soil and potting.  Your instructor, Jere Trigg, will discuss the procedures for propagating violets from leaves and suckers.  Hybridizing your violets will result in the development of new and differently colored flowers, some of which can be truly spectacular.  You will learn techniques for cross-pollinating flowers, planting the resulting seeds, and caring for the seedlings to adult blooming plants.  There will be demonstrations of grooming, repotting, propagation from leaves and suckers, and cross-pollination of two flowers to produce hybrid seed.  Plants will be available for purchas.Click here to see all project photos.

HISTORIC SIDEWALK WALKING TOUR OF BATTLES WHARF BAYFRONT HOMES, AND MORE!     Battles Wharf is rich in a history so little known to Fairhopeans.  Here we can view the homes of early settlers, and others more recent, whom Jan Weiler of Landmark Tours will bring alive for you.  Then we will visit the lovely Confederate Rest Cemetery and enjoy a visit to the Punta Clara Kitchen, where pralines, cakes and more are handmade by aproned ladies.  At the time of our visit, the Kitchen will be headlong into creating jams and jellies along with candies and pickles.  Bread and butter pickles like Granny used to make?  You bet!  Lucky us – the owners are very generous with their samples.  We will meet at the Fairhope Pier parking area, where you’ll leave your car and come aboard Jan’s sedan for the tour.  Class size is limited. 

INTRODUCTION TO LONGLEAF PINE BASKETRY     New Course!     Have you been to the Fairhope History Museum and seen the lovely pine straw baskets there?  Wouldn’t you like to make some from our native longleaf pines, for yourself or to present as gifts?  Let Barb Comstock help you get started, beginning with an introduction to the materials that were used in the past and what is being tried today.  You will learn how to collect and prepare the needles, different methods of starting your baskets, and how you can use pine straw to decorate gourds for display.   When you finish this class, you will be on your way to finishing a small basket.  Employ the choice of different colored fibers used to weave the pine needles together and different weaving patterns to express your individual creativity!  Class size is limited. Click here to see all project photos.

JEWELRY-MAKING FOR BEGINNERS     New Course!     Make jewelry for yourself or to gift at holiday time in this fun,laid-back course.  Gaagii Lammers will teach students the basics of DIY jewelry-making, including the use of hand tools, beading, metal texturizing, wire wrapping, and other skills.  In each class, students will finish one take-home project, using material and color selections to create unique, personal designs.  The four projects are a set of mixed stone and brass cluster earrings, a textured copper cuff with different patina colors available, a wire-wrapped pendant tassel necklace, and a pearl wire-wrapped brass adjustable bracelet.  Students should bring chain nose pliers, side cutters, and round-nose pliers.  Tool sets can be found on Amazon for less than $10.  Amazon Prime members can purchase the Cousin 4460, otherwise the Beadsmith 3 Piece Color I.D. Plier Set is recommended.  No prior skills are required.  Unleash your creative side and have fun!  Class size is limited.Click here to see all project photos.

KNIT ONE, PURL TWO – ADVANCED KNITTING TECHNIQUES (I)     New Course!     The gift of a hand-knit Christmas stocking, made by you, would be a special treat for family and friends this Christmas.  This course will give you the skills to make their holidays even more merry!  You will need to know the basic knitting techniques - how to cast on, knit, purl, decrease, increase and bind off.  In the first class, Wendy Gosnell will teach you how to knit in the round for the cuff, leg and foot; use slip stitches and short rows to create a heel; pick up edges to create the gusset; decrease two different ways; and do color blocking for the cuff, heel and toe when creating your stocking.   We will also talk about embellishments for those stockings to give them even more sparkle!  In the following class, you will need to knit to the heel of your stocking and complete the heel-to-toe portion.  Students need to bring these materials: Size 8 16” circular needle (bamboo is great for learning), size 8 set of double point needles (also bamboo), stitch markers, a darning needle, and two colors of worsted weight yarn (lighter for the cuff, heel and toe, with darker shade for the body of the stocking).  Wendy will provide a supply list.   Class size is limited. 

KNIT ONE, PURL TWO – ADVANCED KNITTING TECHNIQUES (II)     New Course!     Have you ever thought about being adventurous with your knitting, but were not sure how to start?  Wendy Gosnell will teach you how to cable knit and make a simple mock eyelet cable and a simple lace pattern.  You will need to know the basic knitting techniques - how to cast on, knit, purl, decrease, increase and bind off.   In an hour or so, you’ll be confident enough to start a project!  Students need to bring these materials: Size 8 24” circular needle (bamboo is great for learning), size 8 set of double point needles (also bamboo), stitch markers, and a darning needle.  Wendy will provide a supply list.  Class size is limited.

LITERARY PERSPECTIVES ON AGING: SHORT STORIES AND A MOVIE     New Course!  In the first two classes, we will analyze and discuss short stories that shed light on various aspects of the aging process—not only the problems and diminishments but also the pleasures and achievements.  In the third class, we will view and discuss a film portraying the same themes.  The stories for the first class will be available a week in advance so that students can read them before we meet.  Small materials fee.  The instructor is Brenda Huchingson.   Class size is limited.

MYSTERY WRITER ANNE PERRY AND THE MURDER THAT SHOCKED THE WORLD     New Course!     In this course, instructor Brenda Huchingson will analyze the 1954 Pauline Parker/Juliet Hulme (now Anne Perry) murder case, in which the two teenage girls brutally murdered Parker’s mother.  What was there about this case that caused shocking headlines around the world and provided the subject for numerous books and an Academy Award-nominated movie?  And what happened to the girls and their families after the murder?    Class size is limited.

NEW FRANCE IN AMERICA    WITHDRAWN  New Course!     In colonial days, the great European powers of Britain, France, and Spain, claimed and hotly contested the rich lands accessed by sea and wide rivers, including our Gulf Coast of Alabama.  All eventually was yielded to the young United States of America.  But French ambitions had planted settlements in French Canada, along the Mississippi, and here on the Gulf coast.  Later, after the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo, our Congress ceded lands in Alabama to a group of high ranking officers of the Grande Armée who attempted a Vine and Olive settlement at Demopolis, in what was named Marengo County in honor of one of the Emperor’s great victories.  Frank Martin will explore with you the early history of the French in America.

THE NUTS AND BOLTS OF ESTATE PLANNING     New Course!     This course will discuss the basics of estate planning including estate management during your severe illness or incapacity, and ultimate distribution at your death.   John Brown is the instructor.

OVERTURE TO A SYMPHONY !?!     New Course!     Many modern-day symphonic concerts begin with a brief overture and feature a substantial symphony by a major composer.  Other selections such as concertos may be presented, often performed by guest artists playing with the orchestra.  This course will discuss the form of overtures and symphonies, familiarize students with the themes of selected works, and provide biographical information on the composers.  A highlight of the course will be an introduction to the upcoming performance of Time for Three, a chamber music ensemble, at the Mobile Symphony’s Beethoven and Blue Jeans concert in November.  The instructor is the venerable Vincentine Williams, who has taught our classical music courses since 1981.

PETITS FOURS 101     These bite sized cakes are always a hit at any party and your friends will be impressed when you tell them you made them yourself.  This course will cover how to properly bake, fill, coat and decorate cute designs on these small sweets.  Chris Zuercher is the instructor.  Class size is limited.

THE POWER OF THE PRESS     New Course!     Cliff McCollum, Managing Editor of The Courier, will provide an in-depth look at journalism’s history, present and future in these very fraught times. 

SAMUEL “DICTIONARY” JOHNSON (1709-1784) AND CHIEF JUSTICE JOHN ROBERTS (1955 - )     New Course!     Along with Mary McBride, we will discuss what may seem to be an unlikely bond between Samuel Johnson, poet, author, and compiler of one of the most illuminating dictionaries of the English language, and Chief Justice John Roberts, born in 1955.  Roberts, an admirer of Johnson, reads his poem, “The Vanity of Human Wishes,” every January 27, the Chief Justice’s birthday.  We shall look at each man’s biography, read the poem, and seek to decide what the twenty-first century Chief Justice derives from this annual reading of an eighteenth-century poem.  Copies of the poem will be provided.  Class size is limited.

SELF-CARE PRACTICES FOR HEALTH AND WELLBEING     This is a practical self-help healing approach that produces positive emotional, mental, physical and spiritual changes and brings more balance, joy and awareness into your life.  The course is designed around a core of gentle and effective techniques and practices that include meditation, movement, breathing, healing, and affirmation techniques.  It will foster more awareness and grounding and allow for deeper understanding and healing of self.  No experience is necessary.  Wear comfortable clothes and bring a light lunch.   Bob Maldonado is the instructor.  Class size is limited.

SKETCHBOOK REVIVAL     New Course!    In this basic drawing course, students will learn and improve sketch perspectives and make an artistic journal to record trips and adventures as well as to use for everyday relaxation.  In addition to sketching with the basic graphite, colored pencils and watercolor, students will use mixed-media such as collage to amplify the artwork with mementos of their trips, such as leaves or newspaper clippings.  In the first class, instructor Anne Brooks will introduce the various mediums; students will select the one they wish to work in, and then purchase the art supplies and tools to work with.  The materials fee includes a sketchbook.

STALIN’S RUSSIA     New Course!     This course focuses on Stalin’s consolidation of power in the turbulent 1930s. Topics covered include Stalin’s fear of conspiracies (especially Trotsky) and the resulting purges of all branches and government, his xenophobia, the Ukrainian genocide, and deportation of peoples.  Mara Kozelsky is the instructor.

SYMBOLISM IN THE ARTS, MUSIC AND LITERATURES       New Course!     “The price of anything is the life you must sacrifice for it.” (Henry David Thoreau). Self-taught Jungian Ronald Hunt discusses the symbolism of Superman, Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Tiepolo’s frescos, Celine Dion’s music videos, Emerson ‘s Uriel, and Weber’s musicals including Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, Cats, and Phantom of the Opera. An optional text students might read, especially its Appendix, is Symbols and Their Meanings: The Illustrated Guide to More Than 1,000 Symbols -- Their Traditional and Contemporary Significance, by Jack Tresidder, available on Amazon.>

TATTING FOR BEGINNERS     This ancient form of lace making is enjoying a revival across the country.  Consisting of one basic stitch, items are made by looping and tying knots using a cat-eye shaped shuttle and fine thread.  Tatted items vary from trims on clothing and linens, Christmas ornaments, jewelry, and baby and bridal accessories.  The instructor will provide you a supply list which includes the book and DVD, Learn to Tat, by Jeannette Baker, available on Amazon for under $13, and material supplies you can buy locally.  Vincentine Williams is the instructor.  Class size is limited.Click here to see all project photos.

TRADITIONAL OR SELF-PUBLISHING:  PROS AND CONS IN TODAY'S NEW PUBLISHING WORLD     In this course, you will learn about going both the traditional route of publishing with mainstream publishers and agents, including how to do it and with real-world examples of success, and the self-publishing path, with step-by-step guidelines of what to do and how to do it.  You will also learn marketing techniques that you can use for either path you take.  Informative and fun, you will come away from these classes with clear ideas and action plans for getting your book out there to your readers.  John O’Melveny Woods is the instructor.

THE UNRECOGNIZED DANGERS OF RETIREMENT:  IT’S NOT ONLY RUNNING OUT OF MONEY!      Most people spend more time planning a three-week vacation to Europe than how they will spend their retirement years.  In fact, our ideas about successful retirement are not only outdated, but also counter-productive.  This course will explore why this is so and how to plan for (or begin) a happy and purposeful retirement, rather than a boring one.  The course is geared to people already retired or planning to retire within the next five years.  It is based on Mitch Anthony’s book The New Retirementality: How to Plan Your Life and Live Your Dreams At Any Age You Want, which one reviewer called “enormously inspirational and immensely practical.”  Students will be provided a methodology to guide them to a great retirement, no matter their present or future circumstances.  John Brown is the instructor.  

UKULELE FOR BEGINNERS      Learn the basics of this fun folk instrument.  Students will achieve beginners’ skills in tuning the ukulele, playing simple chords in different musical keys, and employing different strumming styles, all while playing many traditional, popular and Hawaiian songs.  No musical knowledge required – just a willingness to have fun!  Students must provide their own ukulele; instructor Carl Couret will provide information about purchasing an instrument.  Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at every class.  Class size is limited.

THE UNRECOGNIZED DANGERS OF RETIREMENT:  IT’S NOT ONLY RUNNING OUT OF MONEY!      Most people spend more time planning a three-week vacation to Europe than how they will spend their retirement years.  In fact, our ideas about successful retirement are not only outdated, but also counter-productive.  This course will explore why this is so and how to plan for (or begin) a happy and purposeful retirement, rather than a boring one.  The course is geared to people already retired or planning to retire within the next five years.  It is based on Mitch Anthony’s book The New Retirementality: How to Plan Your Life and Live Your Dreams At Any Age You Want, which one reviewer called “enormously inspirational and immensely practical.”  Students will be provided a methodology to guide them to a great retirement, no matter their present or future circumstances.  John Brown is the instructor.   

VANUATU:  THE WILDEST, WACKIEST COUNTRY YOU NEVER HEARD OF     New Course!     The Republic of Vanuatu (ex-New Hebrides) is perhaps the least known country on Earth, despite playing a pivotal part in World War II, being the home of the real “Bali Hai” from South Pacific, and in whose outer islands the tribal chiefs have the power of life or death over their villagers.  World traveler Lew Toulmin will cover many bizarre and entertaining aspects of Vanuatu, including its strange history and bizarre politics, why China and Indonesia are secretly involved in its national elections, and how a big chunk of the Vanuatu Cabinet and Parliament ended up in jail.  Lew’s adventures there include solving the mystery of a WWII military plane wreck, interviewing the chiefs of two cult tribes, one of which worships Prince Phillip, and witnessing a sacred “land diving” ritual:  in a harrowing inspiration to bungee jumping, males from 12 to 35 dive off bamboo towers up to 90 feet high, head first into the dirt below.  Oh, my goodness, this is going to be fun!

WALKING THE JEWISH BIBLE SERIES:  SCROLL OF LAMENTATIONS     New Course!     How are we to understand the ancient mind of the Israelites?  A first step is by appreciating the importance of Jerusalem to them.  Explore with Rabbi Steven Silberman the depths of their love of Jerusalem.  No prior knowledge of the Bible is necessary.  Please bring any copy of the Bible to class.  Shalom!

WRITE RIGHT NOW!      New Course!     Scratch that writing itch with in-class prompts and visual imagery.  Bring your notebook, laptop or tablet because this is a workshop. Time to answer that creative call and stretch out of your comfort zone.  We will write in class and get ideas for a longer piece to complete at home.  Sharing and positive critique will help improve and nurture that spark you’ve been hiding.  Rosanne Gulisano promises, “Gonna be fun!”  Class size is limited.

YOGA FOR FITNESS AND STRESS MANAGEMENT     Find balance between getting a workout tensing all the major muscles in your body and releasing them into relaxing poses – from upright, forward, backward and sideways to twisting and inverted.  As you practice yoga with emphasis on your breath and alignment, you become naturally more active and fit.  And as you do yoga, you will feel better about yourself in body, mind and spirit.  Explore your limits without feeling exhausted.  You will feel refreshed, full of energy and ready for anything, with a calmer outlook on life.  Bring a yoga mat and towel.  The instructor is Christina Caprez.

ZENTANGLE® FOR BEGINNERS     New Course!     Zentangle® is a fun and relaxing form of artwork created by drawing simple patterns (tangles) one stroke at a time.  This course will guide you through the basics of the Zentangle® method, which employs just five elemental strokes – a dot, a line, an arc, a circle and an “S”, using just a fine tip black pen, pencil and paper.  This is an art form that anyone can do.  In fact, in Zentangle® there are no “mistakes”!  The instructor, Roxann Dyess, will have the supplies on hand for students to use.  Class size is limited.Click here to see all project photos.

ZUMBA GOLD®     New Course!     You might have heard of Zumba®, the Latin-inspired dance fitness program for active adults. Zumba Gold®, which features the basics, is a low-impact, easy-to-follow and effective exercise program for anyone at any age. It is designed so that beginners and deconditioned or physically-limited participants can learn at their own speed and physical level in a fun, party-like atmosphere. Bring a towel and water, and dress in comfortable workout clothes with proper shoes (cross-trainers or dance sneakers). Rebecca La Nasa is the instructor.


In Fairhope

Fairhope Public Library, 501 Fairhope Avenue
Fairhope Unitarian Fellowship, 1150 Fairhope Avenue (opposite the Baldwin County satellite courthouse)
First Baptist Church Fairhope, 300 South Section Street  (at Nichols Avenue)
Fairhope Friends Meeting House, (Quakers), 9261 Fairhope Ave. (Heading east, it is on the left just after Rose's Tree Service)
Homestead Village, 924 Plantation Boulevard (off  U.D. Hwy. 98, north of Piggly Wiggly)
Nix Center, 1 Bayou Dr. (off North Section St.)
Redeemer Lutheran Church, 200 South Section Street (at Morphy Avenue}
St. James Episcopal Church, 860 N Section Street (at intersection of Scenic Hwy. 98 and CR-104)
Trinity Presbyterian Church, 545 South Mobile Street at Fig Avenue (on the bay)
United Methodist Church, Christian Life Center Building, 155 South Section Street (at Morphy Avenue)

In Daphne

Daphne Public Library, 2607 U.S. Highway 98 (at Whispering Pines Rd.)
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 8271 Whispering Pines Road (Heading east, it is on left past YMCA and Creekside development) 
United Methodist Church,  2401 Main Street (Scenic 98 at Rosa Avenue)

In Foley

Foley Public Library, 319 East Laurel Avenue (Hwy. 98 just east of Hwy. 59)

In Spanish Fort

Spanish Fort Presbyterian Church, 6620 Spanish Ford Boulevard (Route 31) on the right 
Westminster Village, 500 Spanish Fort Boulevard (Hwy. 31- Take Hwy. 98 N. to end, turn right onto Route 31. The Village is on the right after you pass Rouse's Grocery on the left.)



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