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The Spring Term  2017 begins March 6.



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Courses are held in Fairhope except as noted.

( L) : limited class size 

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Acrylics or Oils

Wed., 1-4pm, 6 weeks, Mar. 8-Apr. 12, tuition $81, materials fee $10.  There are supplies that must be purchased - see course description.  Loran Chavez, 623-3925. (L)

Basic Drawing, Composition and Shading

Fri., 2-4pm, 4 weeks, Mar. 24-Apr. 14, tuition $36, and a supply list will be provided.  Anne Brooks, 232-1013.

Watercolor for Beginners

Thurs., 9-noon, 6 weeks, Mar. 9-Apr. 13, tuition $81, materials fee $50, Loran Chavez, 623-3925. (L)

Watercolor - Intermediate

Thurs., 1-4pm, 6 weeks, Mar. 9-Apr. 13, tuition $81, materials fee $35, Loran Chavez, 623-3925. (L)


Flute for Beginners

Mon., 11-noon, 4 weeks, May 15-June 5, tuition $18, small materials fee, Gwen Snyder, 928-4311. (L)

Opera:  The Great Arias, Continued

Mon., 10-noon, 9 weeks, Mar. 6-May 1, tuition $81, Vincentine Williams, 626-2712.

Ukulele for Beginners 

Mon. and Thurs., 4:30-5:30pm, 3 weeks, Apr. 24-May 11, tuition $27, materials fee $5, Carl Couret, 518-6376. (L)


Agatha Christie’s “Witness for the Prosecution”: Short Story, Play, Film

Thurs., 2 classes, Apr. 13, 1:30-3:30pm, and Apr. 20, 1:30-4:30pm, tuition $23, small materials fee, Brenda Huchingson, 650-2499. (L)

British Short Stories: A 20th Century Selection

Thurs., 1:30-3:30pm, 3 weeks, Mar. 16-30, tuition $27, small materials fee, Brenda Huchingson, 650-2499.  (L)

Editorial Advice for Writers

Mon., 12:30-2:30pm, 8 weeks, Mar. 13- May 1, tuition $72, Joe Formichella, 895-5921.

Emily Dickinson and Her Poetry

Tues. Mar. 14 and Fri., Mar. 17, 1-3pm, tuition $18, materials fee $3, Mary McBride, 928-1048. (L)

Italian for Travelers…or Not!

Wed., 10-noon, 8 weeks, Mar. 8-Apr. 26, tuition $72, $5 materials fee.  Call Julia Pejka at 279-7021, or e-mail her at

Spanish for Beginners and Re-Learners

Mon. and Wed., 9-11am, 6 weeks, tuition $108, small materials fee, Maria Whatley, 517-7273.  (L)     Spanish Part 1   Mar. 6-Apr. 12       Spanish Part 2   Apr. 17-May 24

Story Telling and You!  Tips and Techniques

Thurs., 10-noon, 3 weeks, Mar. 9-23, tuition $27, Irene Wegner, 517-7248.

The War and Peace Book Club

Tues., 3-5pm, 5 classes, Mar. 7 and 21, Apr. 11 and 25, and May 9.  Tuition $45. The instructor is Mara Kozelsky.  To register, call Laurie Wiggins at 990-5555.

William Faulkner’s “Most Splendid Failure”

Tues., 10-11:30am, 4 weeks, Mar. 14-Apr. 4, tuition $27, Margaret Davis, 604-7421.

Write Your Life -- Your Memoirs Are Your Legacy     

Tues., 10-noon, 2 weeks, April 11-18, tuition $18, Donna Esslinger, 923-6220.  (L)


Baldwin County Agriculture, 1806-2016

Thurs., Mar. 23, 6:45-7:45pm, tuition $5, Mike Healy, 504-1173. 

Clash of Wings: Air Power inWorld War II, Part 1

Fri., 2-4pm, 4 weeks, Apr. 7-28, tuition $36, Tony Rhodes, 601-467-4490.

Clash of Wings: Air Power in World War II, Part 2

Fri., 2-4pm, 3 weeks, May 5-19, tuition $27, Tony Rhodes, 601-467-4490.

History of Ancient Egypt, Continued

Thurs., 10-noon, 4 weeks, Mar. 9-30, tuition $36.  E-mail Jane Sellier at, preferably, or call 990-5930.

War Brides of World War II: "Immigrants" Who Shaped Our World

Sat., Apr. 29, 10-noon, tuition $9, Donna Esslinger, 923-6220. 


Astronomy A-Z

Fri., 2:30-4:30pm, 4 weeks, Apr. 7-28, tuition $36, Charles Scovil, 203-559-6989.

Bogs and Branches:  Selected Habitats of South Baldwin County at Weeks Bay Reserve

Thurs., 9-11am, 3 weeks, May 11-25, tuition $27.  Fred Nation is the instructor. To register, call Mike Shelton at 490-8968.  (L)

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Daphne     Tues., 12:30-2:30pm, 2 weeks, May 9-16, tuition $18, small materials fee.  The instructor is Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan. To register, call Susie Broos, 478-0415.  (L)

Genetically Engineered Crops: The Science and the Controversy

Thurs., April 13, 5:45-7:45pm, tuition $9, Mike Healy, 504-1173.

Please note date change

Geologic Wonders of North America

Tues., 10-noon, 5 weeks, Mar. 7-Apr. 4, tuition $45, Gene Sellier, 597-7543. (L)

Walking the Bible

Daphne     Mon., 6-8pm, 2 weeks, May 1-8, tuition $18.  The instructor is Rabbi Steven Silberman.  To register, call Dot Bremer at 604-9342. (L)


Birding 101

Tues., 9-11am, 4 weeks, Mar. 7-28, tuition $36.  The instructor is Ann McLaurin. To register, call Diana Gardiner, 210-4482.

Gardening Way Down South

Daphne     Wed., 3-5pm, 3 weeks, Apr. 12-26, tuition $27, materials fee $15, Barb Comstock, 272-0624.

Growing and Propagating African Violets

Sat., 10-noon, 2 weeks, Apr. 22-29, tuition $18, Jere Trigg, 776-2495.

Petits Fours 101

Daphne     Wed., Apr. 5, 9:30am-1pm, tuition $16, materials fee $12, Chris Zuercher, 621-9489. (L)

Growing and Propagating African Violets

Tues., 1-3pm, 2 weeks, Sept. 13-20, tuition $18, Jere Trigg, 776-2495.

Sailing Fundamentals

Thurs., 6-7pm, 3 weeks, Mar. 23 – Apr. 6, tuition $14.  The course includes a 3-hour hands-on sail to be scheduled later for a $56 fee.  John Helmstadter, 956-495-5147.  (L)

Temari – Japanese Embroidered Thread Balls

Sat., 1-4pm, 4 wks, Apr. 8-29, tuition $54, materials fee $30, Blair Heald, 928-6939. (L)

Vegetable Gardening Along the Gulf Coast 

Tues. 10-11am, 4 weeks, Mar. 7-28, tuition $18, Gwen Snyder, 928-4311.


American Sign Language for Professionals

Daphne    Wed., 6-7:45pm, 12 weeks, Mar. 8-May 24, tuition $95, text required (see course description), Cheray Bixler, 321-3243.  (L)

The Essentials of Starting a Part-Time Business

Thurs., Mar. 9, 5:45-7:45pm, tuition $9, Mike Healy, 504-1173.

GPS for Marine and Auto Use

Thurs., 6-8pm, 4 weeks, Mar. 16-Apr. 6, tuition $32, Richard Geiger, 716-3835

Maximizing Retirement Income in an Era of Low Interest Rates

Tues., 5:45-7:45pm, 3 weeks, tuition $27, Jeff Phillips, 517-9550.     Maximizing Income I   Mar. 14-28          Maximizing Income II   Apr. 11-25

Power Point® Made Easy

4 weeks, Mon., 2-4pm, Apr. 17-May 1, and 4-6pm on Mon., May 8, tuition $36, small materials fee, Richard Geiger, 716-3835.  (L)

Python®, a Programming Language 

Mon, 6:15-7:45pm, 6 weeks, Mar. 6-Apr.10, tuition $41, Gene Sellier, 597-7543.  (L)

Rare Book Collecting and Selling

Sat., Mar. 25, 10-noon, tuition $9, Donna Esslinger, 923-6220. 

Retirement:  How to Make It Happy, Successful, and Purposeful

Thurs., 6-7:30pm, 2 weeks, Mar. 30-Apr. 6, tuition $14, John Brown, 990-8308.

What’s in Your Kitchen?

Tues., 5:30-7pm, 5 weeks, Mar. 7-Apr. 11, tuition $34.  Call Pat Norton at 508-4355 or e-mail her at  (L)


Chair Yoga – Sitting or Standing

Wed., 10:30-11:30am, 4 weeks, Mar. 8-29, tuition $18, Billie Reinhart, 379-4493.

The Essence of T’ai Chi

Mon., 9:30-10:30am, 6 weeks, tuition $27, Ron Driesbach, 591-8372.T’ai Chi I    Mar. 6-Apr. 10          T’ai Chi II    Apr. 17-May 22

Self-Care Practices for Health and Wellbeing

Fri., 9-noon, 4 weeks, Apr. 21-May 12, tuition $54, Bob Maldonado, 210-6872. (L)

Yoga for Fitness and Stress Management 

Mon., 9:15-10:45am, 6 weeks, tuition $41, Christina Caprez, 928-9565. Yoga I   Mar. 6-Apr. 10          Yoga II   Apr. 17-May 22


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ACRYLICS OR OILS     New Course!    In this course, students will be working with a limited palette, focusing on techniques for paintings: blending, layering, glazing, highlighting and much more! Experienced students are to bring their personal current supplies, and instructor Loran Chavez will make recommendations on items to add or subtract from their paint boxes. Inexperienced students will receive a supply list at the first class.   Class size is limited.

AGATHA CHRISTIE'S WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION: SHORT STORY, PLAY, FILM     New Course!      In the first class (2 hours), students will discuss the short story, “Witness for the Prosecution,” as well as excerpts from the play adapted by the author from her story. In the second class (3 hours), there will be a viewing and discussion of the 1957 film version of the story. Copies of the materials for the first class will be made available a week in advance. The instructor is Brenda Huchingson.

AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE FOR PROFESSIONALS     New Course!     This course of twelve intense sessions will enable students to communicate with deaf persons whom they may meet in their place of employment. Students will learn conversational Sign Language, along with Deaf Culture, and will be able to use what they learn in class in the Deaf Community to assist the deaf when needed. The required text, Learning American Sign Language (2nd edition, spiral-bound) by Tom Humphries and Carol Padden, is available new on Amazon through resellers for $15. The instructor is Cheray BixlerClass size is limited.

ASTRONOMY A-Z     This course will cover all aspects of astronomy, not just the planets and constellations. Students will learn about telescopes and their use, about measuring distances, and about using star maps. There will be many interesting things to look at, and instructor Charles Scovil will show you how to find them in the night sky.

BALDWIN COUNTY AGRICULTURE, 1806-2016     New Course!     At more than one million acres, Baldwin County is one of our country's largest counties located east of the Mississippi River. In the 19th century, it became a magnet for migrants from other parts of the country whose ancestors had emigrated from many countries. Over 30 different crops have been grown here. Why did some crops succeed while others did not? What crop should have never been brought here? Baldwin County agriculture is anything but static: what new crops are being introduced, and will they succeed? Mike Healy is the instructor.

BASIC DRAWING, COMPOSITION, AND SHADING    New Course!     Learning to see, study and practice can make everybody produce beautiful drawings. Even beyond that, instructor Anne Brooks promises you will see the world differently! A supply list will be provided for materials to buy.

BECOMING ALABAMA     New Course!     This course will examine the lives of the Native inhabitants of the area that would become Alabama and the European explorers who came to the region to trade and eventually settle. The focus will be on the European encroachment on the Indian homeland, on its effects on the Indian way of life, and on the efforts of the early explorers to claim the region for their respective nations. The brief ventures by the Spanish, their goals and their motivation will be discussed. The first settlement at Mobile by the French and subsequent involvement by the British will also play a large role in this look at the foundations of the Alabama Gulf Coast. The instructor is John Jackson.Class size is limited.


BIRDING 101    If you like the great outdoors and are looking for a lifelong hobby that is both intellectually stimulating and physically invigorating, consider bird watching. Birding 101 is an introduction to backyard birds, bird behavior, identification, migration, communication and other basics. The Gulf Coast region of Alabama, with its pristine beaches, mixed forests, bays, rivers, swamps and pastures, is the ideal laboratory. Of the 445 species recorded in the state, 420 have been found in Baldwin and Mobile counties. Warning! This hobby may be addictive. Ann McLaurin is the instructor.

BOGS AND BRANCHES: SELECTED HABITATS OF SOUTH BALDWIN COUNTY AT WEEKS BAY RESERVE     Bogs and Branches offers participants a close look at selected ecologically important habitats in south Baldwin County, all located at Weeks Bay Reserve. The different environments contribute to the value and function of the Weeks Bay estuary, where freshwater and saltwater meet. Students will learn about the habitats, their different roles in the estuary ecology, and how they influence the plants and animals that live there. In addition, participants will learn about the diverse trees and other native plants that inhabit Baldwin County and Weeks Bay Reserve. This course comprises lectures, a pontoon boat trip, and walking tours. Wear sturdy shoes and other outdoor attire. Fred Nation is the instructor. Class size is limited.

BRITISH SHORT STORIES: A 20TH CENTURY SELECTION     New Course!     Students will read and analyze a selection of British popular and literary short stories from the 20th century. Copies of the stories for the first class will be made available a week in advance. The instructor is Brenda Huchingson. Class size is limited.

CHAIR YOGA - SITTING AND STANDING     This course is helpful for anyone who wants to exercise but has difficulty with floor postures (weight on hands and knees or repetitive movement on and off the floor) because of knee pain, extra weight, arthritis, etc. It begins with breath work and seated yoga postures in a chair. We then stand by the chair (or use the wall) to improve balance and strength in standing poses. Participants have the option to stay in their chairs or wheelchairs or lie on the floor for relaxation at the end. Bring a yoga mat. Blocks and straps are provided; they are optional but will help you to perform to your greatest potential. The instructor is Billie Reinhart.

CLASH OF WINGS: AIR POWER IN WORLD WAR II     Two New Courses!     Two New Courses! These courses provide a survey of the fight for aerial supremacy over Europe, the little-known but decisive Russian Front, and the vast aerial war over the Pacific Ocean. Land and carrier operations, tactics and technology, key personalities and the strategies that won the war will be discussed. Part 1 covers Western Europe and the Eastern Front. Part 2 covers the war in the Pacific and the technology developed during the war. Students are not required to attend Part 1 in order to take Part 2. Tony Rhodes is the instructor.

THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS    The Dead Sea Scrolls are a collection of some 981 different texts discovered between 1946 and 1956 in eleven caves in the immediate vicinity of the ancient settlement at Khirbet Qumran in the West Bank. The caves are located about two kilometers inland from the northwest shore of the Dead Sea. They include the third oldest known surviving manuscripts of works later included in the Hebrew Bible canon, along with previously completely unknown manuscripts which preserve evidence of the diversity of religious thought in late Second Temple Judaism. Of great importance for Judaism and Christianity, the scrolls have traditionally been identified with the ancient Jewish sect called the Essenes. We will look at how they were discovered, what they say, and why they are controversial. The instructor is Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan.

EDITORIAL ADVICE FOR WRITERS     Instructor Joe Formichella, award-winning local author and editor of books from anthologies to novels, will discuss topics including story ideas, the writing process, beginning a project, and the common obstacles new writers face – all topics beyond a creative writing workshop.

EMILY DICKINSON AND HER POETRY     New Course!     This course provides a brief overview of the life and works of the beloved Emily Dickinson. There will be lectures (be prepared for some rather unexpected facts about her household!), readings and discussion. Copies of the materials for the first class will be made available a week in advance. Mary McBride is the instructor. Class size is limited.

THE ESSENCE OF T'AI CHI    New Course!     Instructor Ron Driesbach will teach students the fundamental movements and forms for the successful mastery of this centuries-old Chinese exercise regimen. Students are encouraged to visit the web site prior to signing up for this course.

ESSENTIALS OF STARTING A PART-TIME BUSINESS    New Course!     Looking for extra income? Does the idea of starting a part-time business appeal to you? How do you determine what kind of business might be good for you to consider? What are the key resources you will need to venture into a part-time business? Are there practical market research tools you can use to analyze the possible success of your part-time business concept? Come with questions you would like instructor Mike Healy to answer.

FLUTE FOR BEGINNERS     New Course!     Students will learn the basics of the flute, how to read music, the basic scales, and how to breathe. Instructor Gwen Snyder will advise students where to buy a flute. Class size is limited.

GARDENING WAY DOWN SOUTH     New Course!      Are you a beginning gardener, snowbird, or new to the South? Master Gardeners Barb Comtock and Donna Aplin will start this course off explaining why gardening in south Alabama is different from gardening anywhere else. This includes hot nights, high humidity, lack of chill hours and more. We will discuss the importance of oxygen and drainage, soil types, root types, mulches, compost, fertilizers and soil additives. The course will also cover vegetables throughout the calendar year, varieties and companion plants, and attracting hummingbirds and butterflies, and lightly touch on landscaping, lawns, ornamental plant varieties, and native plants, shrubs and trees. Before the first class, students should read ANR-0006-A from and watch the video DIY Soil Sample on the ACES website. Bring a soil sample to the first class.   Class size is limited.

GENETICALLY ENGINEERED CROPS: THE SCIENCE AND THE CONTROVERSY    New Course!     This is a deeper approach to learning Italian, for students who completed ESILL’s beginner course or are already familiar with the language.   Julia Pejka is the instructor.  

GEOLOGIC WONDERS OF NORTH AMERICA     New Course!     Instructor Gene Sellier will lead you on a tour of ten marvelous sites on the North American continent through video presentations and discussion.  Class size is limited.

GPS FOR MARINE AND AUTO USE     New Course!     The Global Positioning System, GPS, is quickly becoming an integrative part of our society. It is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed from a constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations; GPS uses these satellites as reference points to calculate positions accurate to a matter of meters. Instructor Richard Geiger will teach you how to use charts to plan your trip, how to enter your plan into your GPS, and how to follow your plan.

GROWING AND PROPAGATING AFRICAN VIOLETS    New Course!       African violets have become the favorite houseplant across the world. This course will cover the seven key factors for successfully growing violets: light, watering, feeding, grooming, environment, soil and potting. Your instructor, Jere Trigg, will discuss the procedures for propagating violets from leaves and suckers. Hybridizing your violets will result in the development of new and differently colored flowers, some of which can be truly spectacular. You will learn techniques for cross-pollinating flowers, planting the resulting seeds, and caring for the seedlings to adult blooming plants. There will be demonstrations of grooming, repotting, propagation from leaves and suckers, and cross-pollination of two flowers to produce hybrid seed. Plants will be available for purchase.

HISTORY OF ANCIENT EGYPT, CONTINUED     New Course!    Instructor Jane Sellier will lead students on a journey through the past to learn how Egypt rose to a greatness that surpassed that of any other people in the Near East. The goal of this course is to increase our appreciation of ancient Egypt by gaining an understanding of its history, art, architecture, religion and mythology. It is a long and fascinating history, and the course will focus on the individuals who made it possible.

ITALIAN FOR TRAVELERS - OR NOT!     Whether you are planning a trip to Italy or you just want to learn a new language, you are going to enjoy this course. Students will learn basic language and conversation, as well as Italian customs and culture and the "survivor skills" much needed by travelers. Julia Pejka is the instructor.

MAXIMIZING RETIREMENT INCOME IN AN ERA OF LOW INTEREST RATES      With interest rates at historic lows, investors are finding it difficult to generate retirement income from their assets. With instructor Jeff Phillips, students will explore in detail some alternatives to solving this issue, including the advantages and pitfalls associated with these investments and strategies. Also included will be a discussion of if, when, and how much interest rates might rise.

OPERA: THE GREAT ARIAS, CONTINUED     New Course     Opera, which is defined as a musical drama, first appeared in Italy during the early part of the 17th century. It consists of two components, recitative and aria. Recitatives move the action of the story forward and reflect a style of writing that resembles speech, while arias provide characters opportunities to reflect on certain ideas or emotions and are more lyrical in nature. Through the use of videos, comparisons of various artists and directors will be made as students enjoy these operatic highlights. The hand-outs will feature foreign language lyrics and English translation. Students will be encouraged to attend one or more of the several full-length, live-streamed productions from the Metropolitan Opera that are scheduled to run in local theatres this Spring. The instructor is Vincentine Williams.

PETITS FOURS 101      These bite-sized cakes are always a hit at any party, and your friends will be impressed when you tell them you made them yourself. This course will cover how to properly bake, fill, coat, and decorate cute designs on these small sweets. You won’t believe how easy this is to do! Bring an apron and a food container to take home one to two dozen petits fours. The instructor is Chris Zuercher.  Class size is limited.

POWER POINT® MADE EASY    New Course!    Power Point®, part of Microsoft Office Suite®, is designed to create electronic presentations consisting of separate pages or slides. This course will help students make effective presentations, ranging from simple to elaborate, that include multimedia such as video, audio, and graphs. They will also learn to create audience handouts. This course will be held in the computer lab at the Fairhope Public Library, but students are welcome to bring a laptop equipped with Power Point® if they prefer to use that.  Class size is limited.

PYTHON®, A PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE     New Course!     Python® is one of the four most-used computer programming languages employed today. It is easy to learn and runs on most platforms. If you’ve ever thought about learning to program a computer, this is the language for you. This course won’t make you an expert but instructor Gene Sellier will put you on the path to becoming one. No programming experience is necessary. Texts will be discussed in class, but none is required. Class size is limited.  

RARE BOOK COLLECTING AND SELLING     This course is an accelerated study of what books to buy and collect, how to identify first editions, how to appraise, research, insure and sell collectible and out of print books, and how to use the Internet to assist you. Bring one or two books for a free appraisal. Donna Esslinger is the instructor.

RETIREMENT: HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL AND PURPOSEFUL    Most people spend more time planning a three-week vacation to Europe than how they will spend their retirement years. Our ideas about successful retirement are not only outdated, but counter-productive. This course will explore why this is so and how to plan for (or begin) a happy and purposeful retirement, rather than a boring one. This course is based on Mitch Anthony’s book The New Retirementality: How to Plan Your Life and Live Your Dreams At Any Age You Want, which one reviewer called “enormously inspirational and immensely practical.”. Students will be provided a methodology to guide them to a great retirement, no matter their present or future circumstances. It is geared to people already retired or planning to retire within the next five years. John Brown is the instructor.

SAILING FUNDAMENTALS     There are many dimensions to sailing, and this course will give you a little exposure to what it is like, to see if it is something you might enjoy. This basic how-to-sail course will include nautical terms, points of sail, sail trim, steering, right-of-way rules and safety in three one-hour classroom sessions, followed by a three-hour, hands-on sail. John Helmstadter is your captain.  Class size is limited.

SELF CARE PRACTICES FOR HEALTH AND WELLBEING     New Course!   This is a practical self-help healing approach that produces positive emotional, mental, physical and spiritual changes and brings more balance, joy and awareness into your life. The class is designed around a core of gentle and effective techniques/practices that include meditation, movement, breathing, healing, and affirmation techniques. It will foster more awareness and grounding, and will allow for deeper understanding and healing of self. No experience is necessary. Wear comfortable clothes. Bob Maldonado is the instructor.Class size is limited.  

SPANISH FOR BEGINNERS AND RE-LEARNERS      Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and cultures. This practical and fun course involves active participation to enable students to communicate, comprehend and use accurate pronunciation in Spanish as quickly as possible. The course emphasizes speaking abilities, but will consider the language as a whole, taking into account grammar, vocabulary, and cultural understanding. The primary objective of this course is to acquire basic communication skills, or "Survival Spanish". Elements include asking/giving directions and using appropriate greetings, introductions and courtesy expressions, as well as being able to communicate in different situations such as visiting a bank, restaurant, or other public places. In addition, students should be able to give their personal information and talk about personal preferences and activities in growing detail. They will study basic sentence structures, learn everyday vocabulary, and develop the ability to clearly communicate basic ideas in Spanish. This course of study is given in two parts so that students wishing to gain increased fluency can enjoy longer instruction. Part 1 is a prerequisite for Part 2. Students should bring a Spanish-English dictionary and notebook. The instructor is Maria Whatley. Class size is limited.

STORYTELLING AND YOU! TIPS AND TECHNIQUES     New Course!     Learn the storytelling techniques of choosing a story, learning how to tell it, and prompting enjoyable interaction with your audience. Instructor Irene Wegner will help you bring language, people, cultures and expression to the story with these techniques. Class size is limited.  

TEMARI – JAPANESE EMBROIDERED THREAD BALLS   Temari began as a Japanese kick toy constructed from the remnants of old kimonos bundled into a ball and stitched; later, stitching became more decorative and detailed with intricate embroidery, and it transitioned into an art.  Learn how to prepare temari for sewing and use the Spindle, Interlocking Diamonds, Chrysanthemum and Rose Garden patterns.  Past students are encouraged to return to learn new techniques.  Materials fee $30, or past participants may bring their own supplies.  Bring scissors.  The instructor is Blair Heald.  Class size is limited.  



UKULELE FOR BEGINNERS     The return of one of ESILL’s most popular courses! Learn the basics of this fun folk instrument. Students will achieve beginners’ skills in tuning the ukulele, playing simple chords in different musical keys, and employing different strumming styles, all while playing many traditional, popular and Hawaiian songs. No musical knowledge required – just a willingness to have fun! Students must provide their own ukulele; instructor Carl Couret can provide you information about purchasing an instrument.  Class size is limited.

VEGETABLE GARDENING ALONG THE GULF COAST     New Course!     This course will cover all aspects of growing a vegetable garden, including site selection, soil analysis, schedules, starting your own transplants, composting, insect identification, and when to grow what vegetables down here along the coast. Time permitting, there will be visits to instructor Gwen Snyder’s home garden and the Fairhope community garden.

WALKING THE BIBLE     New Course!     Meet David – boy, shepherd, musician, soldier, advisor to a king, confidant to a king, enemy of a king and a king himself – as well as son, brother, husband and father. David is one of the most complex characters in the Bible, and in this course we will discover something of his essence. Join Rabbi Steve Silberman as we study elements of the Hebrew Scripture in English. All are welcome, and no prior knowledge of the Bible is necessary. Please bring any version of the Bible you choose. Shalom!  Class size is limited.

THE War and Peace BOOK CLUB     New Course!     Have you always wanted to read War and Peace, but haven’t found the time? Started and never finished? Would you like to read, or re-read it, with the help of a specialist in Russian history? If so, join instructor Mara Kozelsky in the War and Peace Book Club, a support group for people brave enough to tackle Tolstoy. After the first class, which will be primarily a lecture, there will be two- or three-week intervals to read designated chapters. The subsequent classes will feature a lecture on topics addressed in the reading, followed by discussion. As with all book clubs, you don’t actually have to read the book! Of course, reading War and Peace start to finish is the goal of the course, but if you fall behind, the lecture is designed to be free-standing and will introduce you to Russia under the Romanovs. Because Russia is a vital presence in the world, there will be opportunities to address current events in lecture or discussion as students desire. You will need to purchase or borrow a copy of War and Peace, and before meeting, you may want to watch The Last Station, a movie produced in 2009, with Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer, about Tolstoy’s last years.

WAR BRIDES OF WORLD WAR II: "IMMIGRANTS" WHO SHAPED OUR WORLD     New Course!     War brides came to the United States and Great Britain from all over the world at the close of the Second World War and found everything from acceptance to overt hatred. Learn their story and see how it touched your own. The instructor is Donna Esslinger.

WATERCOLORS FOR BEGINNERS   Gain confidence in the watercolor basics using a limited palette. The course concentrates on types of washes, paint, paper, and brushes and all their uses. We will practice the techniques of dry brushing, masking, lifting, washes, glazes, bubbles and more! Create and complete paintings on your own, taking home a paint palette, paper and four brushes that the instructor, Loran Chavez, will provide.   Class size is limited.

WATERCOLOR - INTERMEDIATE  Take your watercolors further than you ever imagined with new techniques and tips. In this intermediate course we will work more with masking, using fluid, fabric and paper, bruising the paper, multiple layers, Chinese white as a resist, wax, nails and more. See what you can do with this wonderful medium we call watercolor! Watercolors for Beginners or a working knowledge of the basics of watercolor is a prerequisite for this course. The instructor is Loran Chavez.   Class size is limited.

WHAT’S IN YOUR KITCHEN?    New Course!     Do you find yourself walking back and forth doing tasks in the kitchen? Having trouble finding utensils and containers when preparing a meal or other kitchen tasks? Instructor Pat Norton can help! "What's in Your Kitchen?" will introduce you to various work centers to save you time, space and frustration. We will also address "What's in Your Refrigerator and Pantry?" and discuss how nutrition plays a part in kitchen organization. This course will be held in the instructor’s kitchen shop.  Class size is limited.

WILLIAM FAULKNER’S MOST SPLENDID FAILURE     New Course!     In this course, we will read and discuss The Sound and the Fury, the novel that Faulkner called his “most splendid failure” and the one he claimed meant the most to him. Students should buy or borrow a copy of the novel, and we will discuss it in four classes, one for each of the four sections of the novel, each narrated by a different speaker. The instructor is Margaret Davis.

WRITE YOUR LIFE -- YOUR MEMOIRS ARE YOUR LEGACY     New Course!     This course is a seminar on writing memoir in which students will be provided exercises to give them a head start. Anyone can write, and you will be amazed at how interesting you can be! Donna Esslinger is your instructor.   Class size is limited.

YOGA FOR FITNESS AND STRESS MANAGEMENT      Find balance between getting a workout tensing all the major muscles in your body and releasing them into relaxing poses which include upright, forward, backward, sideways, twisting and inverted. As you practice yoga with emphasis on your breath and alignment, you become naturally more active and fit. And as you do yoga, you will feel better about yourself in body, mind and spirit. Explore your limits without feeling exhausted. You will feel refreshed, full of energy and ready for anything, with a calmer outlook on life. Bring a yoga mat and towel. The instructor is Christina Caprez.



In Fairhope
Fairhope Public Library, 501 Fairhope Avenue
Fairhope Unitarian Fellowship, 1150 Fairhope Avenue (opposite the satellite courthouse)
First Baptist Church Fairhope, 300 South Section Street
Fairhope Friends Meeting House, (Quakers),9261 Fairhope Ave. (Heading east, it is on the left just after Rose's Tree Service)
Homestead Village, 924 Plantation Boulevard (off Hwy. 98, north of Piggly Wiggly)
Redeemer Lutheran Church, 200 South Section Street. at Morphy Avenue
Trinity Presbyterian Church, South Mobile Street at Fig Avenue (on the bay)
United Methodist Church, 155 South Section Street at Morphy Avenue

In Daphne
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 8271 Whispering Pines Road (on the left just past Creekside development)

United Methodist Church, 2401 Main Street (Scenic 98 at Rosa Avenue)

In Foley
Foley Public Library, 319 East Laurel Avenue (Hwy. 98 just east of 59)

Im Spanish Fort
Westminster Village, 500 Spanish Fort Boulevard (Hwy. 31- Take Hwy. 98 N. to end, turn right onto Route 31. The Village is on the right after you pass Rouses' grocery on teh left.)



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