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The New Winter/Spring 2014 Term
Catalogue & Schedule of Classes
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ESILL, founded in 1977, was the brainchild of  retired clinical psychologist Donald Lester. He believed that intellectual stimulation and continuing development were the ingredients of a long and enriched life, and  that a healthy retirement is an  for opportunity for mental pursuits often put aside for business and family responsibilities.   The founders goal was certainly to enrich the lives of students, but most importantly, to find enthusiastic instructors who not only taught what they knew, but expand their own horizons by studying new topics of interest to themselves. We live on in that spirit.

ESILL offers two terms beginning in February and September.  Courses are held in Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort and Foley.  Our courses are all about enjoyment and self-enrichment.  There are no tests and no grades.  All of our instructors share a passion for teaching and bring a wealth of personal experience to the classroom.  Just bring your interest and willingness to participate, and have fun!

If you wish to teach or have a course request, please call Laurie Wiggins at 990-5555.


1.  Select a course.
2.  Call the phone number listed to speak with the instructor.
3.  Write your tuition check payable to ESILL and mail it to the instructor.

Each course requires a separate check.  Put the Course Name on the check.
Add your Membership Number to apply your $5 discount if you are a member of the Friends of ESILL.


• Some courses require supplies at an additional charge.
• Some classes are limited in size. Call early to get a seat. 
• Your Instructor will provide the course location.
• A refund is provided if you inform the instructor before the second class that you are withdrawing.


The Friends of ESILL is our support organization, which helps keep tuition low and affords our members the opportunity of fellowship with our directors, students and instructors. Membership entitles you and your family to a $5 discount on courses taken throughout the year, catalogues mailed to your home, and invitations to special events.  Please write your $35 check payable to ESILL, and mail it to The Friends of ESILL, 155 Cypress Lane, Fairhope, AL  36532.  Questions? Call Dot Bremer at 604-9342


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Below is the Class Schedule and the Course Catalogue

***** Winter-Spring 2014 Term *****

ESILL is proud of its exceptionally credentialed and talented instructors.
We hope you will read all of their biographies at the link above.



Art of the Twentieth Century

Fri., 10am-noon, 4 weeks, Apr. 11- May 2, tuition $36, Katherine King, 298-6166.

Brushstrokes and Brilliance: Acrylics/Oils with a Limited Palette

Wed., 9am-noon, 8 weeks, Feb. 12-Apr. 2, tuition $108, Loran Chavez, 623-3925.

Colored Pencil Explorations

Tues., 1-4pm, 5 weeks, Feb. 11-Mar. 11, tuition $68, Nancy Wininger, 929-1988.

Compact Camera Creativity

Wed., 9-noon, 4 weeks, Feb. 12-Mar. 5, tuition $54, Gene Sellier, 597-7543.

Digital Photography

Tues., 9-noon, 6 weeks, Feb. 11-Mar. 18, tuition $81, Gene Sellier, 597-7543.

Impressionism and


Fri., 10am-noon, 4 weeks, Mar. 14-Apr. 4, tuition $36, Katherine King, 298-6166.

Microcontroller Magic

Sat., 10-noon, 4 weeks, Feb. 15-Mar. 8, tuition $36, Gene Sellier, 597-7543.

Photoshop ® Elements Techniques

Mon., 9:15am-12:15pm, 8 weeks, Feb. 10-Mar. 31, tuition $108, Gene Sellier, 597-7543.

Sacred Images of the Medieval World

Fri., 10am-noon, 4 weeks, Feb. 14-Mar. 7, tuition $36, Katherine King, 298-6166.

Sumi-e: Asian Brush Painting      

Mon., 9-noon,, 8 weeks, Feb. 10-Mar. 31, tuition $108. The instructor is Maria Papp.

To register, call Laurie Wiggins at 990-5555.

Watercolors for Beginners

Thurs., 9am-noon, 8 weeks, Feb. 13-Apr. 3, tuition $108, Loran Chavez, 623-3925.

Watercolors Will Do What? - Intermediate

Thurs., 1-4pm, 8 weeks, Feb. 13-Apr. 3, tuition $108, Loran Chavez, 623-3925.


A Musical Smorgasbord

Mon., 10am-noon, 9 weeks, Feb. 10-Apr. 7, tuition $81, Vincentine Williams, 626-2712.

Ukulele for Beginners

Tues., 7-8pm, 6 weeks, Feb. 11-Mar. 18, tuition $27, Larry Norris, 599-1743.


Creative Writing: Intro. to Fiction

Fri., 9-11am, 4 weeks, Feb. 14-Mar. 7, tuition $36, Mahala Church, 287-2728.

eBook Self-Publishing: How to Format and Publish an eBook

Mon., 6-7:20pm, 6 weeks, Feb. 10-Mar. 17, tuition $36, Charles McInnis, 928-5809.

English Victorian Poets

Mon., 1-3pm, 3 weeks, Feb. 10-24, tuition $27, Jane O’Niell, 917-334-2558.

Frank McCourt: The Man and His Memoir, Angela’s Ashes

Thurs.., 10-noon, 4 weeks, Feb. 13-Mar. 6, tuition $36, Rhoda Pickett, 431-6723.

German for Travelers – and More!

Tues., 10am-noon, 4 weeks, Feb. 11-25 and Mar. 11, tuition $36, Becky Naylor, 626-8907.

Italian for Travelers

Thurs., 10am-noon, 10 weeks, Feb. 13-Apr. 17, tuition $90, Julia Pejka, 251-279-7021.

Italian - Intermediate

Wed., 10am-noon, 10 weeks, Feb. 12- Apr. 16, tuition $90, Julia Pejka, 251-279-7021.

Lifestories: Creating a Memoir

Tues., 10-noon, 3 weeks, Feb. 11-25, tuition $27, Rosanne Gulisano, 630-327-1890.

The Plays of Tennessee Williams

Mon., 1-3pm, 4 weeks, Mar. 10-31, tuition $36, Jane O’Niell, .917-334-2558.

Print Book Self-Publishing: How to Format and Publish a Print Book

Thurs., 6-7:20pm, 6 weeks, Feb. 13-Mar. 20, tuition $36, Charles McInnis, 928-5809.

Short Stories of William Faulkner

Mon., 10-noon, 4 weeks, Feb. 10-Mar. 3, tuition $36, Michael Patrick, 990-8203.

Spanish for Beginners

Tues. and Thurs., 9-11 am, 6 weeks, Feb. 11-Mar. 20, tuition $108, Jean Bay, 802-1001.


A Diplomat’s Front Row Seat

to History

Wed., 9:30-10:30am, 4 weeks, Feb. 19-Mar. 12, Tuition $18, Piero De Masi, 650-4090.

Issues in International Development

Mon., 9:30-11:30am, 4 weeks, Mar. 3-24, tuition $36, Don Sawyer, 517-9056.


Ancient Wisdom of the World

Mon., 10-noon, 4 weeks, Feb. 10-Mar. 3, tuition $36, Fred Marchman, 929-0995.

Ancient Wisdom of the World, Cont’d.

Mon., 10-noon, 4 weeks, Mar. 10-31, tuition $36, Fred Marchman, 929-0995.

A Time to Live and a Time to Die:

Ecclesiastes Studies

Spanish Fort Mon., 5-7pm, 3 weeks, Feb. 10-24, tuition $27. The instructor is Rabbi Steven Silberman. To register, call Dan Jaksen, 625-0466.

The World Turned Upside Down:

The Growth of Christianity

Thurs., 10am-noon, 4 weeks, Mar. 6-27, tuition $36, Toby Gurley, 625-3438.



Basics of Interior Design

Sat., Mar. 15, 9-11 am, tuition $9, Melissa Sypeck, 626-5776.

Beginner’s Guide to Raising Poultry

Sat., Mar. 22, 9-11am, tuition $9, Emily Richards, 232-1286.

Birding 101: The Basics

Wed., 9-11am, 5 weeks. Feb. 12-Mar. 12, tuition $45. Four classroom sessions and one field trip. The instructor is Ann McLaurin. To register, call Diana Gardiner, 210-4482.

Creative Stamped Clay Workshop

Mon., 9-11am, 4 weeks, Mar. 10-31, tuition $36. The instructor is Dan Therrell.

To register, call Brenda Huchingson at 650-2499.

Crochet for Beginners

Tues., 10-noon, 4 weeks, Feb. 11-Mar. 4, tuition $36, Julia Pejka, 251-279-7021.

Crochet - Intermediate

Tues., 10-noon, 4 weeks, Mar. 11-Apr. 1, tuition $36, Julia Pejka, 251-279-7021.

Flower Arranging Is Fun

Thurs., 10am-noon, 4 weeks, Feb. 13-Mar. 6, tuition $36, Betty Savage, 928-6992.

Frugal Household Solutions

Thurs., 6-8pm, 4 weeks, Feb. 20-Mar. 13, tuition $36, Sandra Cunningham, 643-8109.

Grafting of Plants and Trees

Daphne Sat., Mar. 29, 1-5pm, tuition $18, Barb Comstock, 272-0624.

Rain date Sun., Mar. 30.

Hidden Secrets of Disney’s

Magic Kingdom

Sat., Mar. 29, 1-2:30pm, tuition $7, Kris Lafferty, 305-664-0953.

Olive Oil IQ: For Foodies, Culinary Travelers and Everyone Else!

Wed., 1:30-2:30pm, 4 weeks, Feb. 19-Mar. 12, Tuition $18,

Sharri Whiting De Masi, 650-4090.

Rescue Thrift Store Finds

with Chalk and Crackle!

Sat., Feb. 22, 9am-3pm, tuition $27. The instructor is Dan Therrell.

To register, call Brenda Huchingson at 650-2499.

Sailing Fundamentals

Thurs., 6-7pm, 3 weeks, Mar. 27-Apr. 10, tuition $14. Course includes a three-hour hands-on sail to be scheduled later for a $56 fee. John Helmstadter, 956-495-5147.

Sweets to the Sweet!

Wed., 10am-2pm, 4 weeks, Feb. 12-Mar., 5, tuition $72. The instructor is Vikki Day.

To register, call Mary Jane Skinner at 625-4806.

Temari –

Japanese Embroidered Balls

Sat., 9am-noon, 4 weeks, Feb. 15-Mar. 8, tuition $54, Blair Heald, 928-6939.

Vegetable Container Gardening

Sat., Mar. 22, 10-11am, tuition $5. The instructor is John Kitch.

To register, call Laurie Wiggins at 990-5555.


Blogging 101

Fri., 11:45am-1:45pm, 4 weeks, Feb. 14-Mar. 7, tuition $36, Mahala Church, 287-2728.

Compassionate Caregiving

Tues., 10-noon, 4 weeks, Feb., 11-Mar. 4, tuition $36, Martha Allegri, 751-7159.

Discovering Your Life Purpose and Finding The Work That You Love

Sat., Mar. 1, 2-5pm, and Sun. Mar. 2, 2-4pm, tuition $23, Erin Pecot, 210-4770.


Estate Planning

Tues. Mar. 11, 5:30-8pm, tuition $12. The instructor is Sam Irby.

To register, call Dot Bremer at 604-9342.

In accordance with the Canon of Ethics of the Alabama Law Association, no representation is made that the quality

of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.


Basic Tai Chi and Qigong

Daphne Mon. and Thurs., 9-10am, 6 wks, Feb. 10-Mar. 20, tui. $54, Ron Driesbach, 591-8372.

Chair Yoga – Sitting and Standing

Wed., 10:30-11:30, 4 weeks, Mar. 5-26, tuition $18, Billie Reinhart, 379-4493.

Essential Oils and Healing Herbs

Mon., 6-8pm, 5 weeks, Feb.10-Mar. 10, tuition $45, Angelica Jones, 895-7735.

Gentle Yin Yoga

Thurs., 5:30-7pm, 7 wks, Feb. 13-20 and Mar. 7-Apr. 3, tuition $48, Cindy Johnson, 990-0671.

Meditation: A New Way to Be

Fairhope Tues., 3-4:30pm, 8 weeks, Feb. 11-Apr. 1, tuition $54, Betsey Grady, 752-6509.  

Spanish Fort Fri., 11:30am-1pm, 8 wks, Feb. 14-Apr. 4, tuition $54, Betsey Grady, 752-6509.

Sculpt, Strengthen and Stretch

Thurs., 9:30-11am, 4 weeks, Feb. 13-20 and Mar. 6-13, tuition $27, Paula Walker, 554-4664.

Self-help Reflexology

Mon., Feb. 24, 2:30-4:30pm, tuition $9, Julie E Brent, 504-5328.

Yoga for Fitness and

Stress Management

Mon., 9:15-10:45 am, 6 weeks, Feb. 17-Mar. 24, tuition $41, Christina Caprez, 928-9565.

Mon., 9:15-10:45 am, 6 weeks, Mar. 31-May 5, tuition $41, Christina Caprez, 928-9565.






Friends of ESILL Winter-Spring 2014 Reception
Sunday, February 2, 2-4pm


Fairhope Unitarian Fellowship Hall

1150 Fairhope Avenue, opposite the satellite courthouse


Special Guests: Winter-Spring 2014 term faculty members.

Speaker: Dr. Frank Bunch, cardiologist with Cardiology Associates and board certified with The American Board of Internal Medicine for Cardiovascular Disease, specializes in intervention cardiology and peripheral vascular intervention. He will be speaking about his work and the innovative methods that have been introduced in the cardiac unit of Thomas Hospital.


Wine and hors d’oeuvres will follow.


Save the date! You are welcome to bring a guest.


For information, call Dot Bremer, 604-9342.





ANCIENT OF THE WORLD  This course explores spiritual, metaphysical, mystical and mythicallore from various traditions and cultures.Throughout

history, people have sought an understanding of the mysteries of the universe, and enlightenment as to the connections among nature, the human, and the divine. These explorations have had a large influence on philosophical, theological, political and artistic expression rightup through the

20th century. In this course and its successor, Ancient Wisdom of the World, Continued, we will have vigorous discussion on topics that will include

reincarnation, karma, immortality, powers latent in man, cycles of time, the seven bodies of man, the chakras, invisible helpers, nature spirits, 

the kingdoms of nature, mortals and immortals, astral and mental planes, etheric body and others. A video featuring American mythologist Joseph Campbell,

from Bill Moyers’ PBS series, The Power of Myth, will be shown. Additionally, the instructor will lend books to students from the vast library entrusted to

him by the Mobile Theosophical Society. Small materials fee.


ANCIENT WISDOM OF THE WORLD, CONTINUED This course is a continuation of the course above. Students need not have taken the prior course to attend this one.


ART OF THE 20th CENTURY     New Course!     This course will offer an in-depth survey and discussion of the major artistic movements of the 20th century, including Cubism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Performance Art, and many others. Students will acquire an understanding of the ways in which art evolves throughout the 20th century, how it was influenced by what came before, and what kinds of art are being produced today. Various art historical methodologies, postmodernism, and post-colonial/feminist critiques will be considered. A course fee of $5 will cover the costs of slide lists, handouts, and short optional readings, and there will be an optional weekend visit to an area museum. Copying fee $5.


BASIC TAI CHI AND QIGONG New Course! Learning the first 12 moves of the Beijing 24 form routine, the participants will develop self-efficacy and improved balance as well as increased muscle tone. The Chinese breath exercise, qigong (chee-gong), will enhance stamina and vitality. Class size is limited.


BASICS OF INTERIOR DESIGN Learn the basics behind the profession of interior design, the psychology of space, and the importance of color. Gain an understanding of what to do with your interior spaces and how you can make them more livable and user-friendly.


BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO RAISING POULTRY Have you ever wanted to keep backyard chickens, but just don't know how? This course will delve into the many enjoyable aspects of poultry keeping. We will cover almost everything, including the benefits of raising chickens, the plight of chickens in hen batteries at major egg producing companies, preparing your coop, predation, free ranging, feeders/water, purchasing your chickens, the different uses of different breeds, hatching your own eggs, and preparing the chicken for cooking. This class is perfect for beginners who want to feel confident after purchasing or hatching their first baby chicks. So come along and set up the incubator with us. Maybe you'll be ready to take a little chick home.

BIRDING 101: THE BASICS  New Course! If you like the great outdoors and are looking for a lifelong hobby that is both intellectually stimulating and physically invigorating, consider bird watching. Birding 101 is an introduction to backyard birds, bird behavior, identification, migration, communication and other basics. The Gulf Coast region of Alabama, with its pristine beaches, mixed forests, bays, rivers, swamps, and pastures, is the ideal laboratory. Of the 445 species recorded for the state, 420 have been observed in Baldwin and Mobile counties. On the field trip, you may carpool or caravan. Additional field trips provided at no charge. Warning! This hobby can be addictive.

BLOGGING 101: THE BASICS New Course!   If you would like to start a blog or improve the one you have, this course is perfect for you. Blogging is an important tool in a small business owner’s kit for success, enabling you to increase your visibility and build a professional platform to increase your income. The course focuses on three areas: 1) defining your blog concept, 2) learning what a blog needs for success in the first 6-12 months of life, and 3) identifying how to write effective posts to keep people coming back. A blog is an important part of a successful business platform, but like anything valuable, it takes planning. The extraordinarily good news is that it is all doable with a minimum of effort! Hands-on worksheets guide homework assignments (approximately one hour a week), and class discussions will have your blog on its way to success by the end of the course. Whether you own a shop, work from home, freelance—write, edit, sew, paint, or draw—Blogging 101 moves your creative ideas in the right direction. Small copying fee.



New Course!     This course provides the basics of acrylic and oil painting. Both use the same palette of colors that are non-fugitive (non-fading and permanent so that your painting will not change over time). We will learn about color mixing-(no more mud!), brushes, canvases, values, blending, glazing, complementary colors, layering, varnishing, framing, and many more techniques too numerous to mention! When you are finished you will have the confidence you need to paint on your own.   


CHAIR YOGA - SITTING AND STANDING     This course is helpful for anyone who wants to exercise but has difficulty with floor postures (weight on hands and knees or repetitive movement on and off the floor) because of knee pain, extra weight, arthritis, etc. It begins with breath work and seated yoga postures in a chair. We then stand by the chair (or use the wall) to improve balance and strength in standing poses. Participants have the option to stay in their chairs or wheelchairs or lie on the floor for relaxation at the end. This course will be given twice; you might wish to sign up for both for the best benefit. Bring your own yoga mat. Blocks and straps are provided; they are optional but will help you to perform to your greatest potential.


COLORED PENCIL EXPLORATIONS  Students will learn how to use colored pencils to create beautiful artwork. This easy and clean medium willsurprise you with the depth of color you can achieve

with pencils. We will discuss subject matter, composition, and work out drawing options for transferringsubjects to paper. Students can choose to draw or use a tracing method to copy an image onto paper.

Each week will provide time for continued painting andworking on color choices as well as solving problems. Bring in your favorite subject or use one provided by the instructor and let's get started.

The instructor will provide you with a supply list. Small fee for copying and for purchase of additional materials. Class size is limited.


COMPACT CAMERA CREATIVITY  New Course!  This course will cover the fundamentals of good photography and how to use the preset modes of your camera to achieve better photos. It is for owners of fixed lens (digital) cameras who want to learn what the knobs, dials, buttons and menu selections are for and how to use them to take better pictures. Bring your camera and its manual to class. Class size is limited.


COMPASSIONATE CAREGIVING  Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia is a tremendous challenge that can be both frustrating and frightening. The goal of this workshop is to help you become a more successful caregiver. We will start by identifying the diseases that cause dementia and explain how they affect basic brain functions. Students will receive information about screening for dementia, and the treatment available. You will learn how the environment affects persons with the disease, and how as a caregiver you can relate to them to create positive outcomes. There will be time for discussion in each class. This course is designed for caregivers and those who are employed in care-giving professions, and is not recommended for people who suffer from dementia. Class size is limited.


CREATIVE STAMPED CLAY WORKSHOP   New Course! Learn how to make ceramic clay art objects from natural pottery clay. Students will learn how to roll clay to uniform thickness, cut decorative shapes and apply stamped designs. After drying for several days, the clay objects will be fired to the hard bisque stage. Students will apply their choice of glazes

to the bisque objects before the final high-temperature firing, which will result in aceramic finish.The instructor will demonstrate each stepin the process and assist

each student in completing at least one dozen stamped clay art pieces.This workshop will feature two seasonal designs – Easter crosses and fleur-de-lis emblems in various sizes.

Other designs are available. All clay art supplies, glazes and firings are included in the supply fee  of $50. Class size is limited.


CREATIVE WRITING: INTRODUCTION TO FICTION New Course! Creative writing is one of the most stimulating and fulfilling ways to express yourself, and age is never a factor! Begin or re-immerse yourself in the journey of writing with this imaginative and enjoyable writing course. It will expand your powers of observation, imagination, and language—the cornerstones of good writing. Reading short pieces, we will discuss various forms of creative writing to spark ideas, acquire confidence, and gain a sense of how to move forward with your writing. Through an overview of fiction basics, you will begin to weave together character, plot, point of view, voice, scenes, settings, narrative, and dialogue. In-class exercises and a touch of homework will assist you to merge class information and practical application. Pencils, pens, and laptops welcome. Small copying fee.


CROCHET FOR BEGINNERS New Course! Crochet is a craft with an interesting history that is now experiencing resurgence in the 21st century.

From Irish crochet lace, which in the 19th century provided work for families impoverished by the potato famine, to the elaborate beaded, silk purses that

emerged in the Edwardian era, to the granny squares of the ‘60s, and now in the talented hands of the designers on today’s reality show, Project Runway,

crochet has endured because it is at heart a simple craft utilizing just three stitches, worked by hooks. Lovely accessories for your home and wardrobe can

be made with a very small investment. In this introductory course, students will choose among a number of simple projects such as scarves, shawls, coasters

and potholders, and the instructor will then provide the required materials for a $10 fee. Class size is limited.


CROCHET – INTERMEDIATE New Course! Building upon the skills learned in the beginners’ course, the instructor will introduce more developed 

 projects, such as mittens, vests, doilies and more, and advise you of the materials to buy for the project you select. Class size is limited.


DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY This basic photography course will help you get better results from your digital camera. Discover what all those dials, 

wheels, buttons and menu options mean and how they can help improve your pictures. We will cover specific task such as portraits, action photography and

close-ups; photo editing software and the many options for displaying your finished product be it a photo book, slide show, individual print, collage, greeting

card or web image. This course is of most benefit to those who have cameras with interchangeable lenses or adjustable modes. Bring your camera, manual

and sense of humor to class. Class size is limited.


A DIPLOMAT’S FRONT ROW SEAT TO HISTORY New Course! During his forty years as a diplomat serving the Republic of Italy,

Ambassador Piero De Masi was on the scene during some pivotal events of the 20th century. He will discuss these events, both from the perspective

of history and from his own personal experiences. Join him to learn more about the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Cold War in Prague and East Berlin;

apartheid in South Africa and Independence in Namibia, Africa’s last colony; and the two horrific September 11 events he witnessed – the Pinochet

coup d’etat in Chile on September 11, 1973, and the tragic aftermath in Boston on September 11, 2001 after two planes departed from there in the terrorist

attack on the World Trade Center.


DISCOVERING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE AND FINDING THE WORK THAT YOU LOVE  New Course!   This is an intensive two-day workshop

conducted by Erin Pecot of Essential Life Coaching, using the Life Purpose coaching the models that she utilizes in her practice. One of the most effective models starts with a thorough self-exploration step. In the first exercise, you will be reminded or introduced to what your natural skills, gifts and talents are, in addition to your values, dreams and aspirations. Identifying one’s unique, personal characteristics is the basis upon which we can begin to develop our ideal life and/or work. This will lead to the teaching of the entire model of integration, a graphic model of all the pieces essential to a person's happiness and fulfillment. You will be instructed how to write the type of personal mission statement that gives one the intent of purpose that can be used to initiate, evaluate, and refine all of one's activities. Exercises will be conducted to help those interested in acquiring the ability of entrepreneurial thinking. A section focusing on life purpose, which includes a meditation, will help students obtain more clarity on what their life purpose is. Teachings on the importance of a person's essence are included as well as an "Essence Circle" exercise for the closing of the first day. In a homework assignment, students will prepare a synopsis of their ideal life and/or work. Day 2 will largely concentrate on learning about and overcoming blocks to success. Then students will present their synopses to a small group in order to gain feedback on the steps they can take in the immediate future and beyond to move them toward achieving their goals. The closing will involve a celebration! Small materials fee.


eBOOK SELF-PUBLISHING: HOW TO FORMAT AND PUBLISH AN eBOOK  New Course!  Writers will learn the technical details of formatting and publishing an eBook at a typical self-publishing portal such as MS Word will be used to format a sample eBook. After formatting the eBook, uploading it to the publishing portal will be demonstrated. Instruction in eBook cover design using PowerPoint or other photo-editing software will be included as a part of the course.


ENGLISH VICTORIAN POETS  New Course!  This introductory course will explore the works of Browning, Tennyson, and other English Victorian poets. Students will receive historical background of the Victorian literature in England during the 19th century, and will read, analyze, and discuss selected poems of that era. Printed material will be distributed in the classroom and there will be no homework. Copying fee.


ESSENTIAL OILS AND HEALING HERBS Uplifting, purifying, energizing, calming -- the use of essential oils and herbs you can grow in your own 

garden or on the windowsill for medicine, emotional clearing, flavoring, and fragrance dates back thousands of years. Experience the best nature has to offer

when you use essential oils or homegrown herbs for skin care, first aid, stress relief, and so much more. You’ll also come to know the twelve significant oils

of scripture, from spikenard (John12:3) to "the rose of Sharon" (Song of Solomon 2:1). The refreshing scents of myrtle and cedar wood, the pungent aroma

of galbanum, and the rich fragrances of frankincense and myrrh are yours to experience, learn about, savor and enjoy.


ESTATE PLANNING Get all your questions about estate planning issues answered in just one class. This course will cover the basic planning principles,

with an emphasis on reducing or avoiding estate, gift and generation-skipping taxes; the non-tax aspects of planning, including wills, trusts, and the probate

process; the need to coordinate insurance and retirement assets; ways to avoid probate; methods of property transfer at death; durable powers of attorney and

health care declarations, and more. In accordance with the Canon of Ethics of the Alabama Law Association, no representation is made that the quality of the

legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.


FLOWER ARRANGING IS FUN Learn to use some of nature’s gifts to enhance your surroundings. In this hands-on course, the elements and principles of design are only a start. We will help you choose the right containers and plant material to achieve beautiful arrangements. Class size is limited.


FRANK McCOURT: THE MAN AND HIS MEMOIR, ANGELA’S ASHES  New Course!  Irish-American Frank McCourt (1930 - 2009), writer and teacher, is best known for Angela’s Ashes, the tragicomic memoir of the misery and squalor of his childhood for which he won the Pulitzer Prize. McCourt was born in Brooklyn, New York of Irish émigrés. In the midst of the Great Depression, when McCourt was four, his family moved back to Ireland in search of work. There, though, they sank even deeper into poverty, living in a rain-soaked slum under crowded conditions that took a great toll on the family. The autobiography gives anecdotes about McCourt’s life in Ireland before he returned to New York at age 19 - relating not just the struggle but humorous episodes and instances of resilience in overcoming his surroundings. McCourt continued his life story in two other autobiographies, ‘Tis, about his life as an immigrant in America and Teacher Man, about his early career as a young, uncertain teacher. We will examine his life several chapters at a time, completing the book during a four-week period. Angela’s Ashes is available on Amazon new, used and Kindle; the instructor will advise regarding the reading required for the first class.


FRUGAL HOUSEHOLD SOLUTIONS  New Course! Learn frugal, hassle-free household solutions to common cleaning problems. In this hands-on  

course, you will make soap for laundry, dishwater and dishwasher, and learn techniques for stain removal and other cleaning challenges. Supply fee $20.


GENTLE YIN YOGA Yin yoga is a quiet practice available to all levels. Yin poses are all on the floor and held from 3 to 5 minutes with focus on the

 body sensations and breath awareness. It is more of a meditative practice. Yin yoga does not use the muscles so much but targets the deeper tissue,

connective tissue, ligaments, joints, deep fascia networks and even the bone through a long, held, static hold. A healing practice that releases tense muscles

and helps quiet the mind through stillness and breath awareness, it improves energy flow and flexibility. Yin yoga complements the yang lifestyle such as

Hatha yoga, biking, dance, running or any active movement with focus on muscles. Class size is limited.


GERMAN FOR TRAVELERS – AND MORE! New Course! In the language part of this course, rather than concentrating on grammer and translation,

 we will focus on pronunciation and phrases for daily life and the needs of the traveler – greetings, common phrases, counting, and you certainly want to

know how to read a wine label, and select a beer! The instructor will also provide a backdrop to any visit you might plan, introducing you to Germany’s art,

architecture, culture and history, and the geography that so shaped the latter. Materials fee $5. You may wish to purchase a German-English dictionary. Class

size is limited.


GRAFTING OF PLANTS AND TREES New Course!   Learn the why’s and how’s of grafting plants and trees in order to improve them. In this hands-on course, you will be provided with examples of Bud, Cleft, and Whip grafts, and practice doing them. Bring a sanitized grafting knife or sharp paring knife to class. If you have a favorite plant you would like to graft, bring it along with the scion (root stock). Supply fee $6.


HIDDEN SECRETS OF DISNEY’S MAGIC KINGDOM New Course!  Whether you’ve been there before or plan to go, you’ll have fun on this visual “stroll” through Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Discover often-overlooked details and stories in plain view throughout the park; little known construction facts; links to the 1964 World’s Fair; and answers to popular myths about the Magic Kingdom. We will even find a few Hidden Mickeys!


IMPRESSIONISM AND POST-IMPRESSIONISM   New Course!  Through this course, students will become familiar with the major artists and masterpieces of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. They will gain an understanding of the developments of the two movements and how they helped to revolutionize artistic production and usher in the age of modernity. Works will be viewed and discussed in relation to themes such as technique, iconography, historical context, gender, and relationship to the problems and experiences of modernity. A course fee of $5 will cover the costs of slide lists, handouts, and short optional readings, and there will be an optional weekend visit to an area museum. Copying fee $5.


ISSUES IN INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT  New Course!   Facing rapid economic globalization as well as global issues and problems, international development is a critical issue that affects us all, in both the developed and developing world. Though development questions and challenges can be generalized to developing nations around the world, this course uses Africa as a case study, beginning with an award-winning documentary on a development worker training program created and managed by the course instructor in The Gambia. The program further explores global issues through classroom-tested, experiential activities that touch on major development topics such as gender, aid effectiveness, poverty, economics, immigration and culture. Participants will gain a greater appreciation for the global community and become more engaged in solving the human and environmental problems we collectively face. The strong emphasis on interactive activities in this course turns the study of development into a participatory process that encourages discussion, exploration and research, and an examination of personal values and perceptions. Many of the activities used in the course are based on exercises actually used in training African development workers and, in some cases, allow learners to compare their responses with those of West Africans actually working at the grassroots in various areas of development. Several activities incorporate real case studies drawn from the contributions of African colleagues. These will provide authenticity and help participants look at the issues from a realistic, developing nation perspective. Copying fee $5. Class size is limited.


ITALIAN FOR TRAVELERS Whether you are planning a trip to Italy or you just want to learn a new language, you are going to enjoy this course.

Grammar and translation will be kept to a minimum while we focus more on phrases for daily life and the needs of a traveler. An Italian-English dictionary

is recommended. Materials fee $5. Class size is limited.


ITALIAN – INTERMEDIATE This course is for those who have some basic knowledge of Italian. For those who have attended our beginner course, 

we will concentrate more on reading comprehension and conversation. An Italian-English dictionary is recommended. Small materials fee. Class size is



LIFESTORIES: CREATING A MEMOIR Learn how to get started writing your life stories for future generations. You will be provided inspiration, 

motivation and organizational tips for beginning the project and staying on track. Students will be guided as to what topics to choose, formatting

(chronological vs. random stories), and tips to make your writing sparkle and keep your readers’ interest. Students will be shown how to write the text,

include some photos and have the pages bound into a simple, inexpensive finished booklet that will be a priceless gift. Includes handouts with helpful hints

and ideas. Small copying fee.


MEDITATION: A NEW WAY TO BE   Offered in Fairhope and Spanish Fort When you learn to meditate, you learn to let ‘things’ go. And when you do that, you move from a place of resistance to a place of allowing, where you become more creative, inspired and peaceful, and less stressed, reactive and worried. Meditation is about going within and accessing your own inner wisdom and guidance to manage the magnificent journey of your life. This course will introduce you to a variety of meditation styles, but focus on Guided Visualizations. You will learn techniques to relax your body and your mind that you can use anywhere without a moment’s notice. You will understand why taking a deep breath is vital to your mood, and what being in a state of allowance feels like. Each class will include a 45 minute guided meditation. You are encouraged to wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing. Feel free to bring a yoga mat, pillow and/or blanket as well as your imagination and a willing and open mind.


MICROCONTROLLER MAGIC   New Course!   Microcontrollers/microcomputers are used in appliances, cars, phones, robots and many other electronic devices. This class will explore the Arduino, a credit card sized computer that sells for about $25. We will study its architecture and capabilities, and how to use it to perform tasks such as building robots, tracking the weather, controlling a greenhouse, building light displays and many other tasks. Students will design a home monitor that will keep track of five sensors and notify us if action is necessary. We will build a prototype on a project board, program it and test to make sure it works as designed. No technical or programming experience needed. No supplies needed but a list of helpful texts will be presented at the first meeting. Homeschoolers welcome! Class size is limited.


A MUSICAL SMORGASBORD  NewCourse! Like any art form, music is an interpretation of life, and each person interprets life differently. We will take

a look at a few of the ways different classical composers have expressed themselves in music. The class can start with any form of music it desires and see

where our individual tastes will take us, perhaps even into genres we never thought to explore, such as opera, chamber music, jazz, and Broadway musicals. 


OLIVE OIL IQ: FOR FOODIES, CULINARY TRAVELERS AND EVERYONE ELSE! New Course! Olive farmer and travel writer Sharri Whiting 

De Masi takes you on an historic journey, tracing the history of olive oil from the ancient Greeks to the New World. Before you taste or buy, follow this little

green fruit from the tree to the press to the plate. Sharri, a native of Mobile, and her Italian husband, Piero, live on an olive farm in Umbria, Italy. They are

artisanal farmers, making just enough ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil for themselves, their families and friends (that’s EVOO to those in the know!) This

course will be multi-sensory: we will taste and smell a variety of olive oils, see visual presentations, and take home recipes and hints for enjoying olive oil to

the fullest. The course includes ideas for culinary travel, recipes, buying/tasting/storing/decorating/infusing and much more. Copying fee $3.



Students will be provided step-by-step instruction in how to use the powerful software tool, Adobe ®Photoshop Elements®, to organize, store, edit and

present digital images in a variety of formats. The course text is Adobe® Photoshop Elements® Classroom in a Book. No pre-requisite – beginners are

welcome. We will use the library’s computers but feel free to bring your laptop if you prefer. Class size is limited.  


THE PLAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS  New Course!  In this course we will read Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire (one act each week). This and other plays by this great Southern playwright will be discussed, scenes will be read, and DVD clips will be viewed. Students will need to acquire a copy of Streetcar. Small copying fee.



New Course!   The course will instruct writers in the technical details of formatting and publishing a printed book at a typical self-publishing portal such as MS Word will be used to format a sample print book. After formatting the print book, uploading it to the publishing portal will be demonstrated. Instruction in cover design using PowerPoint or other photo-editing software will be included as a part of the course.



In this six-hour workshop, students will learn how to transform thrift store furniture, picture frames and other decorative items into better-than-new condition.

Students will create custom-color finishes including chalk, crackle, and metallic. The instructor will demonstrate how to make chalk-type paint and how to

distress and crackle painted finishes, plus how to mix and apply metallic paint, colored glazes and protective clear coats. Students are encouraged to bring

two or three small thrift store finds to paint during the workshop. Items that work best are well-made, previously used picture frames, wooden boxes or trays

of good design. All painting supplies, lunch and snacks are included in the supply fee of $50. Class size is limited.


SACRED IMAGES OF THE MEDIEVAL WORLD  New Course!   This course will offer an exploration of the art of the Middle Ages, both in western Europe and in the Byzantine Empire. We will consider what makes images sacred, how holy images were used, and how visual traditions developed. Various media, including icons, manuscripts, mosaics, and frescoes, will be viewed and analyzed for their content, meaning, and technique. The course will include a consideration of architecture, from the soaring cathedrals of Paris to the domed mosaics of Constantinople, and how it served to frame religious experience and devotion. A course fee of $5 will cover the costs of slide lists, handouts, and short optional readings. Copying fee $5.


SAILING FUNDAMENTALS   There are many dimensions to sailing, and this course will give you a little exposure to what it is like, to see if it is something you might enjoy. This basic how-to-sail course will include nautical terms, points of sail, sail trim, steering, right-of-way rules and safety in three classroom sessions. Course includes a three-hour hands-on sail for a $56 fee.


SCULPT, STRENGTHEN AND STRETCH New Course! Build better bones and muscles at the same time. This course will include working with free weights to strengthen muscles, and a longer stretching section to lengthen muscles. Class will conclude with a 15 minute relaxation. Students should bring a set of light weights and a yoga mat.


SELF-HELP REFLEXOLOGY Reflexology helps the body to heal itself by restoring balance, improving circulation and lymphatic flow. This course

will give you the basics of using reflexology for your hands and feet. You will learn and practice techniques to easily improve your well being and health.

Materials fee $1. Class size is limited.


SHORT STORIES OF WILLIAM FAULKNER New Course!  William Faulkner , the Nobel Prize laureate, Pulitzer Prize winner and Southern literature giant from Oxford, Mississippi, set many of his acclaimed novels and short stories in the fictional Yoknapatawpha County, which he created based on places where he had lived. We will discuss eight of his short stories: “Spotted Horses”, “A Rose for Emily”, Evening Sun”, “Red Leaves”, “Dry September”, “Barn Burning”, “Two Soldiers” and “Race at Morning”. Students will need a copy of William Faulkner, Selected Short Stories (Modern Library), available on Amazon (new, used, and Kindle download), and read "Spotted Horses" before the first class. If you are registering late, the instructor can provide a copy via e-mail or in print for a small fee.


SPANISH FOR BEGINNERS   Learn useful Spanish with proper pronunciation. You will learn words and phrases for greeting others, asking and giving directions, describing objects (color, number, size), parts of the body, talking about food, describing people, and articles of clothing. We will discuss grammar components unique to Spanish, but this is primarily a conversational course. The Spanish we practice at each class will provide basic language for traveling or building a basis for additional learning. Materials fee $7.


SUMI-E: ASIAN BRUSH PAINTING  New Course!  SUMI-E, an ancient art born in China, nurtured in other East Asian cultures and based on Zen philosophy, has captivated artists from the Impressionists to the Expressionists on up to Picasso and artists of the present day. It may be regarded as a form of expressionistic art that captures the unseen. Unlike watercolor, which uses pencils to draw and an eraser to correct or retouch, SUMI-E painting calls for a close relation between the artist and the brush. Here, the painter must relate to the true nature of the subject and “write a painting” from imagination, so that the brushstrokes transferring the essence of the subject onto the rice paper. The goal of ink and wash painting is not simply to reproduce the appearance of the subject, but to capture its spirit. To paint a flower, there is no need to perfectly match its petals and colors, but it is essential to convey its liveliness and fragrance. At the first class, the instructor will display and discuss the four essential tools of SUMI-E - brushes, ink, ink stone and paper - and provide guidance as to the materials to buy. You may view some of the instructor’s paintings in the bio section of our website,, and see more at and Class size is limited.


SWEETS TO THE SWEET!  New Course!   From her forthcoming fourth cookbook, A Taste of Paradise, the instructor will lead you step by step in creating luscious, pretty confections – cakes, pies and candies – for those you love. Recipes will be provided, and you’ll go home with lots of goodies to share – good timing for Valentine’s Day! Bring a brown bag lunch. Fee for ingredients and handouts $30. Class size is limited.


TEMARI – JAPANESE EMBROIDERED THREAD BALLS Historically, temari were Japanese kick toys constructed from the remnants of old kimonos that were bundled into a ball and then stitched with fabric strips. Later, as functional stitching became more decorative and detailed with intricate embroidery , it transitioned into an art of the Japanese upper class, with noblewomen competing to create increasingly complex patterned objects. Today, temari are highly valued and cherished gifts, symbolizing deep friendship and loyalty. The brilliant colors and threads used are symbolic of wishing the recipient a long and happy life. You will learn how to prepare temari for sewing while learning the Spindle, Rose Garden, Interlocking Diamonds, and Chrysanthemum patterns. Because you choose the colors, each temari is uniquely yours for display in bowls or use as an ornament. Past participants are encouraged to return to learn a different ball division and additional patterns in accordance with their skill level. Supplies for four temari balls cost $30, or past participants may bring their own supplies. Bring scissors. Class size is limited.  



A TIME TO LIVE AND A TIME TO DIE: ECCLESIASTES STUDIES   New Course!  One of the best-known phrases of all time originates from within one of the least-studied Biblical books - Ecclesiastes. Come and study this marvelous text, containing12 chapters of wisdom and inquiry. Bring any Bible that you choose. Rabbi Steven Silberman looks forward to studying with you!


UKULELE FOR BEGINNERS   Learn basic ukulele skills including tuning, simple chords, strumming and playing songs. Students will learn to play several chords and strums, all while playing many popular songs. No musical knowledge is required, just a willingness to have fun! Students must bring a ukulele to class - the instructor can provide information about purchasing one. Materials fee of $5 includes binder with class materials and songs. Class size is limited.


VEGETABLE CONTAINER GARDENING This time of the year is the perfect time to start a container vegetable garden. Tomatoes, eggplant, peppers 

and yes, okra are just a few vegetables that grow well in pots. If you do not have the room or soil for a traditional garden, this is the way to produce enough

veggies to share. The instructor has been growing vegetables in pots here in Fairhope for nine years. He will share his experiences, successes and failures in

perfecting his container vegetable production process.  Class size is limited.


WATERCOLOR FOR BEGINNERS Students will gain confidence in the basics of watercolor using a limited palette. The course concentrates on types 

of washes, paint, paper, and brushes and all their uses. Participants will learn the techniques of dry brushing, masking, lifting, washes, glazes, bubbles and

more! You will have sufficient knowledge to create and complete paintings on your own, and get to take home a palette with paints, paper and four brushes

for a materials fee of $50. Class size is limited.


WATERCOLOR WILL DO WHAT? – INTERMEDIATE Take your watercolors further than you ever imagined with new techniques and tips!

In this extension of the beginner course we will work more with masking using fluid, fabric and paper, bruising the paper, multiple layers, Chinese white

as a resist, wax, nails, credit cards, and so much more than can be mentioned here! This course encourages you to play with the medium, pushing it to the

limits and seeing what you can do with this wonderful medium we call watercolor! Materials fee $50. Class size is limited.


THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN: THE GROWTH OF CHRISTIANITY New Course! This course provides a non-faith based and

non-denominational investigation into Christianity. The heritage which believers share today has developed over 3 millennia, from its roots with the

descendants of Abraham to the earthly ministry of Jesus and his disciples, down through 20 centuries of development and strife, to the place it occupies in

our times. The course will cover, among other topics, the first century church, the Crusades, Reformation, European religious conflicts, and the coming of

Christianity to America. Woven throughout this study will be the developing history of the Bible.


YOGA FOR FITNESS AND STRESS MANAGEMENT This course emphasizes balance between getting a workout for all the major muscles in your body and releasing into each pose, which include upright, forward, backward, sideways, twisting and inverted. As you practice yoga with emphasis on your breath and alignment, you become naturally more active and fit. And as you do yoga you will feel better about yourself in body, mind and spirit. You can explore your limits without feeling exhausted. After a yoga session you will feel refreshed, full of energy and ready for anything with a calmer outlook on life. Bring a yoga mat and towel.




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